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WordPress Installation for Beginners Sheila Bergman

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1 WordPress Installation for Beginners Sheila Bergman

2 Overview Things You Will Need Domains and Web Hosting Installation Resources

3 Things You Will Need Text Editor Web Browser FTP client software Web Host Account Registered Domain

4 Text Editor Note Pad (Windows) Free Text Edit (Mac) Free Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages Sublime Edit 2 (Windows/Mac/Linux) Free

5 Web Browser Chrome (29%) Internet Explorer (22%) does not support the latest web standards Firefox (19%) used by most developers Safari (16%) Android (5%)

6 FTP Software Allows you to transfer files between your local computer and your webhost's server on the internet Built into your webhost cPanel Filezilla (Windows/Mac/Linux) Free CyberDuck (Windows/Mac) Free

7 Domain Registration through your web host (easiest) It can take a couple of days for Domains to

8 Registration Through an Independent Domain Registrar Point the nameservers to your web host from your Domain Registration account.

9 Web Host: Recommended Hosts free hosting for nonprofits, custom panel, offers domain registration standard Cpanel, 1 free domain Standard cpanel, no domain registrations

10 Web Host: Account Ftp (file transfer protocol) access to web file directory Control panel access to: account domains MySQL databases users Email Ftp ( usually clumsy)

11 Web Host: FTP Access Follow your web host's instructions. It might be preconfigured. Login to control panel to manage web root directory ftp username and password other options, use defaults if unsure

12 One Button Installs Fantastico and other one button installers Vulnerable file in the root directory Uses default database table prefixes Uses Admin username Easy to find and easy access to Hackers

13 Installing WordPress Download and unzip WordPress Upload WordPress files to the server Create MySQL database Configure WordPress wp-config.php file Login to the new site

14 Download WordPress Unzip the WordPress folder on your local computer

15 Connect to your web server Using the ftp login from your web host

16 Ftp the WordPress Files to the Top Level (Root) Directory. The root directory is often called public_html, or it might have your domain name.

17 Create Database in Web Host Control Panel Use a strong password! Store this info in a safe place!

18 Rename wp-config.php

19 wp-config.php: Database Configure the database settings Use Text Edit, Note Pad, Filezilla not Microsoft Word

20 wp-config.php Keys Copy and paste the random security Keys from the given url.

21 wp-config.php: Optional Edits More secure: set the database table prefix to something other than wp_ Save db clutter: limit the number of saved post revisions.

22 wp-config.php: Upload Edited File to Server Set the database table prefix to something other than wp_ Optional Bonus: limit the number of saved revisions.

23 Go To Your Site and Login! Runs the WordPress set up script. Do not use Admin for the default user name! Troubleshooting: Most often it is a database configuration problem Did you use a text editor that left hidden characters? Verify the db host, db name, db user, db password Google WordPress common installation problems

24 Post Install Check List Update the Settings (Set a date and time format, Modify Reading and Writing settings Edit Discussion settings, Modify Permalinks structure, etc.) Edit Links/Blogroll Edit the "Hello World" post to something that fits your new site. Edit the About page (Add your info) Create additional pages (Advertise, Contact, etc.) Create categories and posts, or pages and parent structure Upload and Activate Plugins Edit Plugin Settings Upload Your Theme

25 Resources MSP WordPress User group Last Thursday evening of the month MSP St Paul WordPress google group Helpful forum codex and forums, no really. Google search "WordPress how to…" or "best …." YouTube search installing WordPress on 'your host company'

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