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Graphic Images From the Internet & Other Sources.

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1 Graphic Images From the Internet & Other Sources

2 1.Select the Images link 2.Type in the desired subject 3. Search Button

3 Example: computer & Search

4 PC Right-Click Graphic Mac Control-Click Graphic Download Image to Disk Some Images Are Locked And Will Not Allow You To Do This

5 Example Save As: computer.jpg Mainly Text, Line Art, or Transparencies (.gif) Photos (.jpg)

6 Make Sure The Images Are Copyright Free Remember to Include the Proper Citations

7 Type in Free Clip Art or Free Photos & the Search Button

8 Buying Images on the Web to conduct a search And many other websites

9 Or, Create Your Own Original Graphics Adobe Photoshop Software Adobe Illustrator Software Or other Image Editing Software

10 Saving Files File>Save For Web (select.gif or.jpg) If you have created a graphic and are not able to save it as a.gif or.jpg file you can do the following… Use a file converter found at

11 Option: Screen Capture Mac Platform Free With Program, located inside of the Hard Drive, Applications Folder, Utilities Folder, to locate a program called Grab. PC Platform free trial downloads at Example: ScreenPrint32, & many others

12 Purchase CD’s Many CD’s you can buy have a nice search feature to make the process much easier. One of my favorites is Photo Clip Art by Hemera 100,000

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