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Newick Teaching School. The school-led self improving system The government’s vision for raising standards in education is focussed on schools driving.

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1 Newick Teaching School

2 The school-led self improving system The government’s vision for raising standards in education is focussed on schools driving improvement from within, with the very best teachers and school leaders modelling excellence in practice, and working in partnerships to build capacity and raise standards across the system. Resulting in: Better results for pupils Fewer poorly performing schools A self improving and sustainable system We cannot do this alone !

3 Strategic Partners We have a strategic board, with governor representation. It meets three times a year, and gives a strategic steer to the teaching school. Our partners are in the primary, secondary and independent sectors, and are cross phase (with learners from 4 years to graduate and post graduate level) Our strategic partners help to deliver particular aspects of the alliance’s activity, such as ITT, CPD, or S to S support.

4 South Malling CE Primary Blackboys CE Primary Chailey Secondary Chailey Heritage School Plumpton Agricultural College University of Sussex University of Brighton The Diocese of Chichcester East Sussex CC Although not our strategic partners, we work closely with other teaching schools in East Sussex, St Marks, Cuckmere, St Richards, as well as the Maths Hub, and the schools in our Ashdown Alliance and EIP.

5 The Big Six Initial Teacher Training: school led Research and Development Continuing Professional Development Identifying and developing leadership potential Specialist Leaders of Education School to School Support

6 Initial Teacher Training or ITT We are involved with three providers for ITT The University of Sussex The University of Brighton East Sussex SCITT Each one offers a School Direct place, which can be either salaried or tuition fee only. The courses and experiences are identical for the trainee teacher, but with the salaried route, the school gains an extra member of staff for the year, at a cost to the school of around £3000 to £4000, with the bulk of the salary covered by the DFE.

7 Research and Development Closing the Gap, involves Action Research across a range of projects Newick are involved with a project about using apparatus (Numicon) to teach young children about maths concepts and develop their understanding. The project is run with a group of children who are compared to a control group. Their results are then fed into the national project, to evaluate. Other schools involved are South Malling CE Primary and Chailey Secondary, who are both researching Growth Mindsets.

8 Research and Development China –England Teacher Exchange: through the Maths Hub, which is run through St Paul’s RC College and St Richards RC College

9 Professional Development and Training We are able to run courses to support teachers’ development, responding and anticipating need. As a relatively new teaching school, we are keen to develop more courses to train and to encourage leadership potential, especially amongst new teachers in the profession. We are running Subject Leaders courses for Primary and secondary teachers, in conjunction with the EIP

10 Leadership Development, and Succession Planning (Talent Management) We look for opportunities to develop our future leaders. We have run an outstanding teacher programme, and are able to support candidates with leadership programmes.

11 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) We have designated four SLEs already, and are hoping to designate more in the next recruitment round in May. We have arranged an information session for headteachers as well as interested excellent class practitioners. SLEs are excellent classroom practitioners who are able to share their expertise to help teachers improve. They can be deployed by the teaching school as part of a school to school support package, or as support for individual teachers or departments.

12 School to School Support We are able to broker School to School support, and can arrange this using resources within our alliance. We may be approached by schools directly, by the local authority, or by the DFE through the National College for School Leadership (NCTL) Currently NTS is working with a secondary school, where another secondary school is providing the support, NTS is responsible for quality assurance; is providing light touch support for two other primary schools, and is currently working on a bid for school to school support through the National College.

13 Evaluation of effectiveness The NCTL asks each teaching school to complete a form confirming how they have spent the Collaborative Fund (core grant) Performance indicators are measured against the action plan, and focus, for example on how many trainees are in post, or schools that have moved Ofsted category Spot checks (deep dives) from sample schools from September to July will occur in 2015-16

14 We can be contacted through our website, or by telephone. 01825 723377

15 Any questions?

16 Terminology NTSNewick Teaching School NCTLNational College for Teaching and Leadership ITTInitial Teacher Training CPDContinuing Professional Development S to SSchool to School SLESpecialist Leader of Education LLELocal Leader of Education NLENational Leader of Education System LeaderSLE, LLE and NLE who work in schools supporting others EIPEducation Improvement Partnership SCITTSchool Centred Initial Teacher Training

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