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South West region Local Leaders of Education LLE’s New delivery model pilot.

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1 South West region Local Leaders of Education LLE’s New delivery model pilot

2 LLE new delivery model pilot Who we are… Cornwall Teaching School Devon Teaching School Partnership North Devon Teaching School Alliance Plymouth Teaching School Alliance Primary Excellence Teaching School Alliance

3  About the SW Pilot  What’s the Role of a LLE  Are you already a LLE?  What are the Eligibility Criteria?  What are the opportunities for LLEs? Introducing the LLE pilot

4 How has this come about?  The school-led self-improving education system  National College and DfE are supporting change by 2016, with a shift towards teaching schools through the teaching school council  A system with tiers of system leadership (SLE, LLE, NLE)  Intends to test the concept of devolving LLE delivery to teaching school alliances through 9 two-year pilot projects across England  There are two pilot projects across the south west  To develop a national model for designation and deployment from 2016

5 The pilot strands  Recruitment  Designation  Association  Training and induction  Commissioning  Deployment  Quality assurance  Evaluation and Reporting

6 In and out of scope Theme Out of Scope In Scope Recruitment and designation Designation criteria De-designation Forecasting demand Recruitment models Designation moderation models Association Mandatory/forced association Association models Training and induction Induction and training models Ongoing CPD models

7 Scope …… ThemeOut of Scope In Scope Commissioning Commissioning processes and models Deployment Deployment models and protocols Deployment types Quality assurance Monitoring and quality assurance models

8 What does our LLE Pilot look like?  Designation – developing robust processes and QA for application, interview, selection and designation  Training and induction – developing accessible, comprehensive programmes to ensure that LLEs are equipped for high impact school-to-school support  Access to LLEs – developing central register for LLEs allowing schools to identify suitable LLE partners  Commissioning and Deployment – developing standardised commissioning and deployment processes across phase for high quality targeted support with measurable outcomes & robust evaluation  Monitoring and QA – to evaluate the success of the pilot with NCTL

9 The Role of a LLE  Where might deployment come from?  What does deployment involve?

10 Already an LLE? How can you contribute to the Pilot if you are already designated? The Pilot will not:  be re-designating or de-designating existing LLEs The Pilot will:  be Learning from experienced LLEs to contribute to the new model  help to shape the new model for local system leadership  give access to CPD and training for LLEs  contribute to training and induction of new LLEs  introduce LLEs to teaching school alliances across the SW  give potential for more deployment in future

11 Interested in becoming an LLE? To be eligible to be a local leader of education, you must:  have at least 3 years of experience as a serving headteacher  have an Ofsted rating of good  expect to remain at your current school for at least 2 years after being selected  have accountability for one or more school(s) that meet the criteria below  have the support of your school’s governing body and local authority or a senior educational professional  demonstrate that you have sufficient experience providing support as a coach or mentor to another headteacher or senior member of staff at a school other than your own  commit to the time expectations

12 Criteria for your school For you to be considered as a local leader of education, your current school must:  have an Ofsted rating of good  show consistently high levels of pupil performance or continued improvement over the last 3 years  be above current minimum standards set by the governmentcurrent minimum standards  have experienced senior leaders with capacity to work with other schools  If you are applying as a sixth form college, you must be able to show evidence of supporting maintained schools in addition to any support provided to sixth form colleges.

13 Criteria for Independent Schools Notes for independent school applicants If your school is not inspected by Ofsted, it must be judged as good by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in the areas of:  leadership and management  quality of pupils’ achievements  pupils’ personal development  Alternatively, if the school is inspected by Ofsted, then the school must be judged good for overall effectiveness, capacity to improve and leadership and management or equivalent.  Minimum standards are not applicable to independent schools. Independent schools will have to show consistently high levels of performance or continued improvement over the last 3 years.

14 Where might the school to school support work for LLEs come from?  Client school self-identifying need  Local Authority  Diocese  Ofsted HMI  DfE Academies and Underperformance Group  Teaching School Alliances  NLEs/other system leaders  Governing Bodies  NCTL  Academy Chains

15 And there are many possible scenarios…  Client school self-identifies an area of need in their school/academy.  HMI recommends that a school that has recently been given a judgment of RI seeks support.  A local authority identifies that a school has diminished capacity for leadership and support is needed for an Acting HT.  A national academy chain needs to add leadership capacity in a recently sponsored school.  A newly appointed HT requests a whole school diagnostic to confirm the context of their school.  A Teaching School Alliance has successfully bid for NLE deployment funding of £15K to support three schools.  A remote, rural school requires support and there is no local capacity.

16 Next steps  How can you apply to work within the Pilot?  Who will you need to contact?  

17 Thank you Cornwall Teaching School Jenny Blunden Devon Teaching School Partnership Teresa Lawrance North Devon Teaching School Alliance Sandy Brown Plymouth Teaching School Alliance Pete Nash Primary Excellence Teaching School Alliance Rick Baker

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