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Plickers & Kahoot! Presented By: Hayley Carroll Wick Cunningham

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1 Plickers & Kahoot! Presented By: Hayley Carroll Wick Cunningham
Rollens Hardy Will Hargrave

2 Classroom interaction
Plickers and Kahoot! are tools used for formative assessment, giving real time results. They are a fun way to keep students engaged and participating in critical thinking. Kahoot! Uses student devices to collect results Allows the teacher to format answers in a variety of ways, like graphics Has premade material for the classroom Plickers Only requires use of the teacher’s smartphone and/or computer Very rigid ABCD format for questions Contains no premade material, but allows for any subject material to be used to create questions

3 Plickers, what is it? Plickers is a classroom polling system that displays results in real time. The only materials needed are the printed answer cards, and a smartphone or tablet.

4 Plickers, how does it work?
Plickers works by using a smart phone or tablet to scan the room for the cards that are held in a certain way that determine the students answers to given questions.

5 plickers

6 plickers

7 plickers Each card is unique Only need 1 card per student
Cards can be used in multiple classes Free to print Keeps students anonymous The app is free Can display results on projector Manage profile on your computer, smartphone, and tablet

8 Kahoot!, what is it? Kahoot! is a game based classroom response system. It is user friendly and keeps students engaged.

9 Kahoot!, how does it work? Kahoot! uses students smartphones, computers, or tablets to display a multiple choice answer field. The questions and possible choices are displayed through the projector, and results are automatically kept.

10 Kahoot!

11 Kahoot!

12 Kahoot! User friendly Interactive way to get students involved
Free software Premade questions Not purely educational Results automatically kept Students can remain anonymous

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