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Chapter 6.1 A Changing Landscape

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1 Chapter 6.1 A Changing Landscape

2 The Effect of Human Activity
Humans affect regional and global environments through agriculture development industry They have an impact on the quality of Earth’s natural resources including soil water atmosphere

3 Agriculture What have modern agricultural practices enabled humans to do? Monoculture is the practice of clearing large areas of land to plant a single highly productive crop year after year. Monoculture enables efficient sowing tending harvesting

4 Agriculture fresh water fertile soil
Agriculture impacts natural resources including: fresh water fertile soil Fertilizer production and farm machinery also consume large amounts of fossil fuels.

5 Development As modern society developed, many people chose to live in cities. What environmental impact could result from this urbanization? When urban centers become crowded, people moved to suburbs. What environmental effect could result from this sprawl?

6 Industrial Growth The conveniences of modern life require a lot of energy. How is most of this energy obtained? What environmental impacts result from the use of this energy source?

7 Sustainable Development
What is the difference between goods and services? What are some ecosystem goods and services? What happens if the environment can no longer produce these goods and services?

8 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
Ecosystem goods and services are classified as either renewable or nonrenewable. Define renewable resource Give an example of a renewable resource. Define nonrenewable resource. Give an example of a nonrenewable resource.

9 Sustainable Resource Use
Using natural resources in a way that does not cause long-term environmental harm is called sustainable development. Sustainable development should cause no long-term harm to the soil water climate It should consume as little energy and material as possible.

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