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SC.912.L.17.20 Biology EOC.

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1 SC.912.L Biology EOC

2 What You Need To Know Predict how the actions of humans may impact environmental systems and/or affect sustainability. Evaluate the possible environmental impacts resulting from the use of renewable resources & nonrenewable resources. Renewable & nonrenewable resources, environmental costs & benefits, monitoring of environmental parameters – why needed

3 Impact on Environmental Systems / Sustainability
Soil 1. Agriculture (Monoculture) - Loss of Nutrients in soil (Nutrient Depletion) - Lead to soil erosion (Soil erosion is when no roots are left to hold soil in place, the soil can be easily washed away) 2. Deforestation - The cutting down of trees.

4 Impact on Environmental Systems / Sustainability
Soil 3. Desertification - Make fertile areas into deserts Water Pollution 1. Biomagnification - When concentration of toxins increase at higher trophic levels.

5 Impact on Environmental Systems / Sustainability
Urbanization - As modern society developed, urban areas began to grow causing it urban areas grow into cities due to concentration of rural migration. Also cause of Industrial Revolution. Air pollution 1. Smog - Gray-brown haze formed by a mixture of chemicals.

6 Impact on Environmental Systems / Sustainability
Air Pollution 2. Acid Rain - Rain containing nitric & sulfuric acids 3. Greenhouse Effect - Burning of fossil fuels & forests releasing carbon dioxide into the air, a greenhouse gas.

7 Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
- Air - Water - Sunlight Nonrenewable Resources - Fossil fuel - Nuclear Energy - Natural Gases

8 Impact of Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
- Provide a healthier ecosystem - Can’t be used up - Provided by environment Nonrenewable Resources - Damages environment - May lead to crisis - Only a certain amount left

9 Why We Need Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
We need renewable and nonrenewable resources because it’s what we use for power (Electricity), you may use it when you’re charging your phone, or the computer screen you’re looking at this every instant. These resources have taken a big part of our lives because we use it to power things.


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