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Cellular Division - MItosis

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1 Cellular Division - MItosis
February 5, 2015

2 Think about the following questions and write these questions in the
Read Page 141 as a class Think about the following questions and write these questions in the question column What is cell division? Why is cellular division important?

3 Answer – write in answer column
The splitting of one cell into two cells Allows organisms to grow, repair damaged structures, and reproduce.

4 Read Page 142 and 143 as a class Think about and write the following questions 6. What happens during the cell cycle? 7. What are the two new cells called? 8. What do the daughter cells do once they are formed? 9. What are the three main steps of the cell cycle?

5 Answers 6. The cell grows, prepares for cell division, and divides into two new cells 7. Daughter cells 8. They begin the cell cycle again 9. interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis

6 Write and discuss the following questions
10. What happens during interphase 11. In what process does the cell make a copy of the DNA? 12. What is the result of replication? 13. How does the cell prepare for cell division?

7 Answers 10. The cell grows, makes a copy of its DNA and prepares to divide into two cells 12. Replication 13. The cell has two identical sets of chromosomes 14. It produces structures that it will use to divide.

8 Write these questions and discuss
15. What happens during mitosis? 16. What structures contain the cell’s DNA? 17. What is each rod-like part of a chromosome called? 18. What are the stages of mitosis?

9 Answers 15. One copy of the DNA is distributed into each of the two daughter cells 16. Chromosomes 17. Chromatid 18. Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

10 Draw and LABEL the diagram on Page 143 Watch The following Videos
Mitosis video Video 2 - Mitosis Rap

11 Complete the blanks in the diagram on Page 145
Interphase: Cell grows and DNA Replicates Metaphase: The nucleus, the chromosomes moved to the center of the cell Draw the other side of Anaphase Telophase: Nuclei are forming spindle fibers have disappeared; the cell is pinched in around its middle. Cytokensis – draw the daughter cell identical to the already drawn cell.

12 Write and discuss the following questions
19. Where is the chromatin in the interphase stage? 20. When are the chromosomes completely separated in their own nuclear envelope? 21. What is the result of cytokensis?

13 Answers 18. The nucleus 19 Telophase 20. There are two daughter cells each having an identical set of chromosomes and about half the organelles.

14 Read Page 146 and write/Discuss the following questions
21. What happens during cytokinesis? 22. What happens during cytokinesis in animal cells? 23. What happens during cytokinesis in plant cells? 24. Why is the process different in animal and plant cells? 25. What process in the cell cycle of a mature human liver cell takes the least amount of time?

15 Answers 21. The cyptoplasm divides, distributing the organelles into each of the two new cells. 22. The cell membrane squeezes together around the middle of the cell. 23. A ell plate forms across the middle of the cell and gradually develops into new cell membranes, and new cell walls form around the cell membranes,

16 Answers 24. The cell membrane is flexible and can be squeezed, the cell wall is rigid and can not be squeezed. 25. Cytokinesis

17 Discuss and answer the questions on page 147
What are the three stages of the cell cycle? Put the following terms in correct order: mitosis, anaphase, cytokinesis, interphase, telophase, metaphase, and prophase. What do you think would happen if a cell’s DNA did not replicate correctly?

18 interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis
Answers interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis Interphase, mitosis, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis The daughter cells would not receive a complete set of DNA and might not be able to carry out the functions needed to live.

19 Complete Review and Reinforce Sheet on your own

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