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Introduction To Smart Devices: iPhones iPads

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2 Introduction To Smart Devices: iPhones iPads By Maggie Keeble

3 Have you ever… Had a question? Needed directions? Been bored while waiting?

4 Two major types of smart devices Smartphones: Cellphone meets computer Small, fits into a pocket or purse easily Can make phone calls, send texts, and surf the web Can run game and work apps but may be sluggish Small screen not ideal for reading Low battery life Tablets: Computer without a keyboard Large, some can fit into a purse, others are larger Cannot make phone calls or send texts Can surf the web, run games, and be used for work Larger screen ideal for reading Good battery life

5 This lesson will be focusing on the basic usage of Apple smart devices iPhone iPad

6 Throughout this lesson we will cover: Important buttons Turning on the device Waking the device up Useful applications Connecting to the internet Volume control Turning off the device

7 External Buttons Same on both devices

8 Turning on the device Press and hold the on/off button on the top right of the iPad or iPhone until the screen lights up with a white apple on it. On/Off Button After a few seconds this screen will appear. Swipe your finger across the screen from left to right to unlock.

9 Main Menu/Home Screen

10 Waking up the device Click the home button (at the bottom of the device) or the on/off button (on the top right corner of the device) to wake up the screen Then swipe to unlock On/Off Button Home Button

11 Some Useful Applications (Apps) Settings E-mail Safari (internet browser) Messages (iPhone) Camera App Store

12 Going back to Home Screen Whenever you are finished using an App click the home button (at the bottom of the screen) to return to the home screen Home Button

13 Connecting to the Internet Go into Settings App Wireless connections Currently connected to Where to go to connect to the internet

14 Adjusting Volume Long button on right side of device near the top Up turns volume up Down turns volume down Round switch will mute the device when the orange dot is showing Down UpMute

15 Turning the Device Off Press and hold the On/Off button on the top of the device until the slide bar appears at the top of the screen Slide the round white circle across the bar to power off the device On/Off Button

16 Test what you know: 1.Turn the device on 2.Connect to the internet 3.Open an App, explore it, then return to the home screen 4.Adjust the volume 5.Turn the device off PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

17 Future Lessons Introduction to Smart Devices: Android Tablets and Smartphones Next Step Smart Devices: iPad and iPhone Next Step Smart Devices: Android Tablets and Smartphones

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