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HHHS 2015-16 Registration Put your name, teacher’s name, class period, and due date on your envelope before we begin. **Please be sure the next year grade.

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2 HHHS 2015-16 Registration Put your name, teacher’s name, class period, and due date on your envelope before we begin. **Please be sure the next year grade level on the envelope is correct for you.**

3 Contents of packet: Registration packet – complete registration form front and back. Return to teacher after removing top cover sheet of instructions. Course selection sheets - to help you choose classes and to find correct computer codes. Confidential health history form – please complete and return to your teacher. Items to return – health history form, registration form and, for 9 th graders only, the 4 year plan. Check for signatures!

4 How Do I graduate? Website links to your graduation plans are explained in your registration packet. Please review your plan as your credits are your responsibility. You must take the STAARS exam to graduate – End of Course exams in 5 subjects Summer school info will be available in May in the Guidance office. It is very important for you to attend summer school, if necessary, and it is your responsibility to register for summer school.

5 If you are moving out of KISD… If you are moving out of KISD, check #1 on your registration form, put a big X on the class choice grid, have YOUR PARENTS SIGN THE FORM, and then return it to your teacher. You do not need to do any other paperwork if you are moving. Just telling your counselor that you are moving out of KISD next year is not enough, you must do the form as instructed above.

6 Advanced programs Advanced Placement courses – offers testing opportunity in May to earn college credit for 10 th, 11 th, and 12 th graders Dual Credit classes – Central Texas College classes taught on our campus that allow you to earn college credit while in high school. For 11 th and 12 th graders. Deadline for dual credit paperwork is April 17 th. The last TSI test for dual credit is March 13 th or you can take it at Central Texas College for a small fee. TBI – Texas Bioscience Institute – Temple College – Open House is February 19 6:00 pm at TBI Auditorium Temple College Keep in mind – all advanced programs are more challenging and rigorous. These classes will require a significant investment of your time and effort.

7 Killeen Career Center Courses offered in the following areas… Cosmetology, health science, teaching and training, welding, automotive technology, agriculture, audio/visual production, video game design, graphic design, photography, CISCO academy, web technology, construction management, and firefighting/EMT Enrolling in these courses require that you attend the KCC campus for either a half day or full day (seniors only are allowed full days). Career Center Student Info sheets (lavendar paper) for certain upper level classes are due when you turn in your packet to your teacher or no later than April 3 rd to the Guidance Office.

8 Schedule changes You can change choices on your registration form up until May 1 st. Next year, you can change your elective courses the 1 st week of each term, if there are openings in the classes. Choose electives and alternates carefully as you may stay in the class all year. If you wish to change a level downwards, your PreAP/AP/Dual Credit teachers will be able to advise you regarding time frames.

9 “When do I see my counselor? You already have an appointment!” We know you have questions. Every World Geography, World History and English III class has a date scheduled to come to the Guidance office so you can meet with your counselor individually and privately. Your teacher can tell you your date. When you see your counselor, we will do any additional paperwork, such as dual credit forms or Career Center forms, and address all questions you may have. We will correct your registration at that time, if necessary.

10 How to complete the registration form… Courses to list under alternates column: 1)Dual credit/TBI requests are alternates. 2)Any activity that involves a tryout/approval such as PreAP/AP art classes, Drill team, athletic trainer, Yearbook, Color Guard, Theater production, Cheerleading, Jazz band and Jazz choir are listed as alternates. 3)Any activity that you wish to add for the first time requires a coach’s or sponsor’s signature in the margin or list it as an alternate.

11 Final reminders 1)You will be taking your packet home to finish with your parents or guardian. Return the health history and registration form to your teacher ASAP. 9 th grade students will also return their signed 4 year plans to their teacher. 2)You cannot sign up for sports, advanced courses such as PreAP/AP, or Career Center without your parent or guardian signature. 3) These forms can be found on the counselor web page. ****Any detailed questions will be addressed by your counselor on your class registration date****

12 name Registration sheet sample – write both the course name and computer code 1)English II 1103 2)Geometry PreAP 3394 3)Chemistry 4703 4)World History AP 5315 5)Elective – Spanish II 4214 6)Soccer – girls – 2629 7)Psychology – 5305/Sociology – 5306 Alternates: Choose at least 3 (or more) alternates VERY CAREFULLY as you may be put in these classes. You may even write more alternates in the margin if you wish.

13 4 Year Plans 5 Endorsements you can earn: – STEM – math/science courses – Public Service – examples: teaching/health/law fields – Multidisciplinary – take 4 years of 4 core subjects. – Arts & Humanities – fine arts/social studies – Business and Industry – examples: welding, auto tech, computers, etc Detailed information is online – follow instructions to find House Bill 5 in your packets.

14 9 th grade Students 4 year plans are flexible and can be reviewed each year. Endorsement is listed at the top left corner and can be changed if scheduling allows. Instructions about 4 year plans are on the back of the registration cover sheet. A graduation plan sheet is included in your packet to help you plan your courses. You need to return 4 year plan with your class registration form to your teacher. The form requires both student and parent signature in upper right hand corner. You can make all needed changes in ink directly on the 4 year plan, if needed.

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