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Delivering Together on the SDG’S: Harnessing the SOPS.

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1 Delivering Together on the SDG’S: Harnessing the SOPS

2 15 Core Elements 1.Joint National/ UN Steering Committee; 2.Annual reporting on joint UN; 3.Signed UNDAF at the outcome level; 4.Joint Annual Work Plans; 5.Results Groups (chaired by Heads of Agencies) focused on strategic policy and programme; 6.A medium-term Common Budgetary Framework; 7.Annual Common Budgetary Frameworks; 8.A Joint Resource Mobilization strategy; 9. Full implementation of the M&A system; 10. Empowered UNCT to make joint decisions; 11. Business Operations Strategy 12. Empowered Operations Management Team (chaired by a Head of Agency); 13. Operations costs and budgets integrated in the overall medium-term Common Budgetary Framework; 14.A joint communication strategy; 15. Country Communications Group.



5 Delivering as One Feedback from Governments (Data from DESA survey 2014) - 70% of governments interested in some or all aspects

6 Aligning with the countries development needs and priorities

7 Better results

8 Focus on the poorest and most vulnerable

9 Human rights and equity issues

10  Fewer Outcome Areas  Programme designs better informed by data  Sometimes even a data outcome  Centering the Normative agenda – more intentionally focused on rights, justice, access and inequality  Integrated Policy products and services  Multi-stakeholder and public engagements in design and implementation  Modernizing business operations upfront as part of design and delivery  human rights and environmental sustainability into procurement processes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SDG support to UNCT’s.. New UNDG Programme Guidance (31 December, 2015) UNDAFs: strategy, policy and programme

11 HQ Plan of Action StatusOne ProgrammeCBF/ONE BudgetOne LeaderOperating as OneCommunicating as OneTotal Completed63513229 Ongoing10210114 Delayed100517 Total83728450

12 Thank you

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