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RDT Capacity Assessment Report. RDT Capacity Assessment Report (draft) Assessment recommended in the M&A System Implementation Plan (April 2009) Assessment.

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1 RDT Capacity Assessment Report

2 RDT Capacity Assessment Report (draft) Assessment recommended in the M&A System Implementation Plan (April 2009) Assessment started May/June 2009 – simple survey questionnaires and selected interviews of UNDG members Report shared with UNDG A-P & selected RCs late December 2009 for comments UNDG Asia-Pacific Meeting session on Pacific Issues, 9 th Feb, 2010 (2.30 pm- 4.30 pm) PIC Development partners

3 Key points raised in the Report Relevance – Need more focus on leadership and oversight of UN reform processes than provision of technical support Effectiveness – not as effective as it could be in moving the UN reform agenda forward esp. given lack of clearer intervention strategies Efficiency – as a reform tool is at stake given its present organization, management and capacity

4 Key points raised in the Report Shift of responsibility to provide technical support from DOCO to reg. UNDGs as per M&A system not sustainable & compatible with its strategic oversight role Main weakness concerns QSA at regional level UNDG operational advisory capacity in the region with a critical mass of people (5 to 6) detached from regional agencies with no supervisory relationship with regional UNDGs

5 UNDG A-P and RC Feedback Report need to be better structured with more region specific & lear recommendations Lot of potential for the regional UNDGs to play a key role in supporting the UN reforms at the country level (RCs comments) QSA and Performance appraisal by the expanded regional UNDGs quite recent -hence needs to be given time before assessment

6 UNDG A-P and RC Feedback Whether name change from RDT to regional UNDGs entailed change in its ToR - not clear Establishment of DOCO advisory body at the regional level questioned Need to strengthen regional UNDG secretariats to commensurate responsibility with capacity

7 2009 UNDG A-P Highlights

8 ToR finalised and used QSA mechanism for expanded UNDG A-P instituted and operationalised RC/UNCT 2008 appraisal successfully undertaken – best practice in terms of acknowledging notable RC UN reform issues based interaction with UNDG Chair & RCs in Oct 2009 RC/RR Cluster meeting

9 Other highlights Successful inter-Agency Support mission to Pakistan led by UNDG AP member in Dec as part of trouble shooting support Regional HACT workshop convened for 21 Cs– joint regional UN support Annual PSG Retreat held to capture 2009 QSA lessons learned and inform way fwd Facilitated Coordination Officers meeting in the region where importance for all agencies active on the country-level to be represented at the UNDG A-P was stressed

10 2010 UNDG A-P Workplan

11 Key priorities Enhance UN inter-agency regional coordination and coherence to support UNCTs - convening of substantive UNDG A-P Meetings; UNDG A-P portal; facilitating/supporting regional UN reform related events, etc. Strengthen UNCT capacity for quality programming -CA/PSG draft 2010 Work plan; Strategic consultation with UNDAF Cs; preparation of strategic theme based concept/guidance notes

12 Performance Management -Effective use of this oversight tool -Roll-out and use of One80 tool -Follow-up and work through DOCO on improving the appraisal system Enhanced UNDG A-P support - Effective use of additional USD 100,000 to support UNDAF UNCTs; -Timely recruitment of second RCS to take on more substantive and quality assurance work

13 RC/UNCT Appraisal and One80ool

14 One80 Competency Development Tool To provide UNCTs with useful feedback to further develop their performance/delivery of results both as a team and as individual team members Based on Peer-to-Peer feedback mechanism using behavioral and competency based indicators, and key attributes of highly performing teams RC and UNCT One80 reports to be used as inputs for RC/UNCT Appraisal process; Individual UNCT member report in agency specific appraisal process

15 Sharing and use of the 0ne80 reports One80 Reports Recipients RC Report 1.RDT Chair / UNDP Regional Bureau 2.RDT members 3.UNDP HR Focal Point (HQ) 4.DOCO UNCT member individual Report 1. Direct line supervisor (regional or HQ) 2. Agency HR Focal Point (regional or HQ) 3. Resident Coordinator 4.DOCO UNCT Team Report 1. All UNCT members (including the RC) 2. Full RDT

16 Status in our region Step 1&2 – Since Dec 15, 2009, 22 countries have confirmed their eligible list of UNCT members for the One80 assessment, this is being loaded into the system 2 Cs with less then 5 UNCT members have been asked to confirm their participation Step 3&4- Email notification and Online assessments ongoing Region specific final closedown of the One80 system to be determined by appraisal dates

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