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Riverside County Department of Mental Health Children’s Services.

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1 Riverside County Department of Mental Health Children’s Services

2 What is the Parent Support and Training Program? A county-wide non traditional supportive mental health service for children and their families. Staff consists of parents that have navigated the children’s mental health system. Supports include providing resources and empowering parents who are struggling with raising children who struggle with emotional and/or behavioral challenges. The program is open to the community offering free trainings, support groups, parent-to-parent support.

3 What is a Parent Partner? As Parent Partners we are first and foremost the parents or caregivers raising a child/children with behavioral or emotional challenges and have learned to work within the system to establish success for our children. Parent Partners partner with parents so they can help their families develop resilience and move on to recovery. Parent Partners feel, listen and hear what parents communicate in ways that professionals may not. The Parent Partner is a bridge between parents and the system which can help reduce the anxiety parents may feel. Parents usually build a very quick relationship with one another because they connect, bond trust and listen to one another and because they have shared similar experiences related to a child they love. Peer support reduces isolation and helps parents feel hope, sometimes for the first time. Parent Partners are hired through the department as County employees and are responsible for working out of a designated clinic or specialized program within the county such as the AB109 Day Reporting Center (DRC)

4 Riverside County AB109 Day Reporting Center: (DRC) The Riverside County Probation AB109 Day Reporting Center is a Multi-agency collaboration designed to reduce recidivism and identify and address the causes which lead to re-offending thereby building the foundation for self- sufficiency and success of realignment offenders. Services provided by DRC include – Riverside County Mental Health – Peer Support Services Substance Use/Abuse Education Anger Management Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP Wellness & Empowerment in Life and Living (WELL) Criminal and Addictive Thinking Courage to Change – Interactive Journaling Computer Basics Class

5 Riverside County AB109 Day Reporting Center: (DRC) Agencies that collaborate with DRC to provide resources, education and supports. Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) GED/High School Equivalency High School Diploma Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) Cal Fresh Child Support/Custody concerns Economic Development Agency (EDA) Workforce Development Center Interview Clothing Riverside County MH - Parent Support and Training Program Triple P. Parenting (Positive Parenting Program) Educate, Equip and Support (EES) Parent Education Class

6 Parent Support & Training Program and the DRC The premise for this program was to outreach to children whose parents had been incarcerated. When this concern was brought to the county level the thought was that the children were in the DPSS system. The reality is that most children whose parents are incarcerated are placed in relative care. Being able to work with parents that have been released from prison has given those parents more effective tools on how to access services for their children. This particular population is unique in the fact that we provide both parenting classes (Triple P., Positive Parenting Program) and parent education classes (Educate, Equip and Support, EES) to the parents from the AB109 program who have recently been released from prison some of which may not currently be actively involved in their children's lives. When Participating in the classes parents are able to recognize some of the struggles they may have had in their past or are possibly experiencing with their own children. They are then able recognize how their own childhood plays a role in their parenting style.

7 Parent Support & Training Program and the DRC The Triple P class has been beneficial for these parents in learning new strategies for positive parenting interventions to make changes to reduce recidivism. In addition to the classes offered the AB109 parents are educated and informed of community resources and how to access these services in order to be better equipped to deal with Mental Illness and Behavioral Challenges that may occur. Due to the circumstances of the AAB109 population, the parent education course (EES) is offered to parents even though their child may not have an identified behavior, emotional or mental health challenge. This course has been able to help this particular population with identifying and understanding the grief process associated with being in prison and not being able to be active in their child’s life.

8 What is Triple P? The Positive Parenting Program. Triple P. is an 8 week course that is typically formatted to be 4 week in session class, 3 phone sessions and a final session including a graduation celebration. Suggesting simple routines and small changes in parenting. Recommended for Parents of Children who are 0-12 years of age. Used as a Prevention and Early Intervention measure. Not for behaviors that may be severe. We have modified the format to accommodate the AB109 parents unique needs, who may or may not reside with their children. All 8 sessions are delivered in the classroom. The first four sessions, and then a review of those four sessions. Allowing the parents to put these routines and changes to practice. We celebrate their completion of the course and provide them with a certificate.

9 Triple P. EES

10 What is EES? Educate, Equip and Support. EES is a course consisting of 13 topics on Mental Health in Children. Offered to parents raising a child with behavioral, emotional or mental health challenges. General education on Mental Health that is facilitated by Parents. Recommended for Parents of Children who are under 18 years of age. We have also modified the EES format slightly to accommodate the AB109 parents unique needs, who may or may not have an identified behavior, emotional or mental health challenge. We celebrate their completion of the course and provide them with a certificate. Although these courses are not court mandated, they are looked upon favorably by the courts and have met the criteria to assist families with the reunification process.

11 Successes at the DRC Parent Support & Training Program has been providing these classes, Parent Support and providing the Parents at the DRC with information and resources since January 2013. During that time we have had approximately 20 Triple P graduations and 10 EES graduations. As a result of the education and information that was provided to the parents at the DRC through these two classes, 25 children have received some form of services. We would now like to introduce you to Mr. Calvin Smith, a student at the DRC who has graduated both the Triple P and EES classes. Mr. Smith will talk about how these classes have had an impact on his parenting; also you will be introduced to his wife, Ms. Maria Smith who will share with us what she has seen in Calvin since taking the classes.

12 Questions & Answers We would like to encourage you to ask any questions! Thank You!

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