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Self Study Orientation Community Living Burlington.

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1 Self Study Orientation Community Living Burlington


3  A new way of doing business  Raising awareness of services which work together to support licensed child care programs in Halton  Service Coordination model for centres Right Service at the Right Time for the Right Reason

4  Quality First – The Halton Resource Connection  Program Support Services Team – Halton Region  In-Centre Support Program – partners  Consultation and Support Team (cast) at Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK)

5 Quality First is a quality early learning initiative that creates a developmental process for the improvement of children’s programs in Halton. It includes training and support for the development of new skills and knowledge in six indicator areas.

6  Quality First Consultants are committed to providing the Halton early learning community with support for the ongoing development of high quality child care environments.

7  Quality First Consultants use consultation techniques and strategies to develop a coaching/mentoring relationship to support programs based on the framework of the six quality indicators using specific tools in the work of the consultation process which include observations and purposeful feedback.

8  Consultants provide long term support and deliver specialized professional development for participants and community based on QF model activities.

9  Quality First Collaborates with other agencies/programs working in the child care programs to develop programs, consultation, consistent approach, and project development.  Click here for more information about Quality First c/quality-first6 c/quality-first6

10  Provides support to the Halton early childhood and school age community through consultation and professional development.  Support is provided in an open and respectful environment and is intended to support the design and delivery of quality programs.

11  The Team supports the work of The Halton Resource Connection through joint operations, strategic visioning, program development, professional development, planning and implementation and specific projects where requested.

12  Program Support Consultants provide individualized consultation for programs and program staff relating to the operations/board development and improvement of the program.  Classroom observations are completed using various tools followed by consultation, dialogue and action plan development.

13  Consultants provide customized professional development opportunities for programs and professional development training for the larger child care community based on current trends and community needs.

14  They also support community committees in order to plan conferences, professional development events and other special projects for the Early Learning and Child Care community. 

15  Halton Partners for Children with Special Needs In-Centre Support Program was created by the Halton Partners agencies.

16  Halton Partnering agencies work together to meet the diverse needs of children in our community.

17  There are two parts to the In-Centre Support Program that provide short term intensive support to child care programs.

18  Preschool Facilitators provide intensive daily short term support for 6-8 weeks alongside centre staff in relation to children, program, the overall environment and build on other interventions.

19  In conjunction with staff Preschool Facilitators design and implement an action plan including goals and staff responsibilities before providing ongoing daily consultation, coaching and modelling to staff regarding class wide strategies to meet the identified goals and action plan.

20  Assist staff to be aware of the needs of all the children in the group supporting the development of relationships, interactions and social emotional skills with staff and children.  They direct staff to training opportunities available within the community

21  Support Facilitators provide intensive short term support to fully include a child or group of children with identified needs over and above typical classroom needs  If a community consultant from a Partners agency is involved with the child or family, an application can be made for support.

22  Collaboratively and with direction from the community consultant the Support Facilitator will support the introduction of strategic approaches or interventions by coaching, modelling or direct instruction given to a maximum of 3 hours per day for 8-10 weeks.

23  Guidance will be given to child care staff to increase their skills and strategies to enhance the opportunity for inclusion of children with special needs  As well as supporting the development of relationships, interactions and social emotional skills with staff and children.

24 Example question What are the major differences between a Preschool Facilitator and Support Facilitator?

25 Consultation And Support Team (CAST): A team of clinicians meet with child care centre staff to confidentially discuss specific difficulties they are experiencing in their programs relating to the mental health of a particular child.

26  Centre Supervisor or staff, initiate consultation with clinical staff regarding mental health concerns with an anonymous child in their program by calling the ROCK intake line. This is done when a parent may not be ready to seek help for their child.

27 Community Living Burlington

28  Intake and referral checklist is completed  Levels of support are determined using the Community Model Supports to Child Care in Halton  Service Coordination Form is completed  Services continue, service coordination meetings are held as requested

29  We come to your program  Support is in your space, on your schedule, with you involved  We provide the support in relation to your needs  Right service at the right time for the right reason

30  Coordinated services  Right service, right time, right reason  Common messages  Terminology consistent between programs  Navigating the services  Clarifying the system  Needs are clarified  Can enter in at any point and get referred to others as needed

31 Community Living Burlington

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