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A Warm ‘Hello’ from Hull University Business School Danny Loewensberg International Academic Coordinator.

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1 A Warm ‘Hello’ from Hull University Business School Danny Loewensberg International Academic Coordinator

2 A few questions: 1. What do you expect from studying in the UK? 2. What are the differences between studying at home and in the UK? 3. How are the modules structured and taught? 4. How are you marked in the UK? 5. What do you think the term ‘Independent Learning’ might mean?

3 Traditional (14 th oldest University in the UK) Founded 1927 Two Campuses Hull Scarborough 20000 students Arts and social science, health and social care, applied science, institute for learning, Hull York medical school, PGMI The University

4 BA/BSc Honours degree choices on the Hull Campus Single Subjects: Accounting Financial Management Business Economics Business Economics Management Marketing Logistics These can then be taken as double subject in any combination Plus BA International Business (single Honours degree only)

5 Semester 1 Semester 2 SkillElective Core Business School or University Elective Independent Study Main subject Second subject or Options Second subject or Options Our degree structure Finalist year

6 Other programmes offered by the Business School Undergraduate programmes at the Scarborough Campus: Business and management; Business Management and IT; International Business; Sport and Leisure Management; Tourism Management A suite of specialist MSc programmes The Hull MBA full-time and part-time, home and overseas – Bahrain, Hong Kong, Oman and Singapore MRes, MPhil and PhD programmes

7 The UK Study Experience Emphasis on self-study Self directed reading - in particular for assignments Fewer contact hours (average of 30 hours per module) Assessment for modules usually has more than one of the following components: - assignment – essays and reports - examination - group/individual projects - presentations

8 Entry Requirements Successful completion of ≥ 120 ECTS at your home institution Dependent on HUBS programme choice: certain module combinations from prior studies may be required English language requirement: IELTS 6.0, or At least 7 years English at School and at least a ‘pass mark’ in your current year of study A certified English Proficiency course at your home institution (if school English < 7 years)






14 Accommodation You can choose either: University Accommodation or Private Accommodation For University of Hull accommodation please visit For private accommodation facilitated through the University please visit s/thescheme.html


16 Costs and Funding Undergraduate tuition fees for academic year 2012/13 around £3,600 Financial Assistance available: Tuition fee loans (provided by UK Government – to be repaid) Bursaries (provided by University of Hull – not repayable) Scholarship (provided by University of Hull – not repayable)

17 Tuition Fee Loan All EU students can apply to for a tuition fee loan via the ‘Student Finance Direct’ company. This loan can cover all, or part, of your tuition fee payable (maximum of £3290) – not usable for anything else! Eligibility is not based on means testing, i.e. Not dependent on your, or your parents’ income Repayable upon graduation, subject to earning a minimum level of income Further information and application form can be found on UniversityAndHigherEducation/StudentFinance/Stude ntsFromOtherEUCountries/index.htm

18 £ 1000 if Residual Household Income up to £25,000 pa £ 500 if Residual Household Income £25,001 - £40,000pa Application at the same time as application for government financial support (tuition fee loan) University of Hull Bursary

19 Hull University Business School EU Direct Entry Scholarships TWO Scholarships of £1,500 each available Eligibility criteria: applicant must have EU citizenship must have applied for and received an offer for direct entry place on Bachelor programme Competitive Process!

20 Hull University Business School EU Direct Entry Scholarships Basis for award of scholarship: Academic achievements at home institution Position of responsibilities held at home institution Other relevant achievements Deadline for application: Normally end of August Application form can be downloaded on x.html

21 Other useful information about studying and living in Hull and the UK The website of the International Office: Cost of Living guide Travel Guide ownloadresources.aspx Detailed course information can be found at:

22 Application Process Nomination by your home University UoH sends application forms to your academic co- ordinator Application deadline around March 2012 (please include as much documentation as possible:, e.g. A copy of your DUT certificate university transcript confirming ECTS grades awarded so far, and confirming that you will have enrolled in a minimum of 120 ECTS Applications considered by UoH - unless you already meet all admission criteria (academic and English language) you will receive ‘conditional offer’ Upon completion of your assessment, send relevant documentary evidence to UoH; if conditions are met you will receive an ‘unconditional offer’

23 Some youtube videos you might enjoy! About Hull and the region - &feature=player_embedded#!- &feature=player_embedded#!- About the Student Union – M M Campus Tour (student lead) – 8 8

24 Some helpful web links! Fees and Finance – herEducation/StudentFinance/StudentsFromOtherEUCountries/index. htm herEducation/StudentFinance/StudentsFromOtherEUCountries/index. htm – Scholarships and Bursaries – Accommodation – HUBS and its courses – Admissions – Course contents –


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