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Teaching assignment tutorial

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1 Teaching assignment tutorial
Associated documents to review: Teaching worksheet sample Teaching worksheet template NR 33 lab assignment

2 Learning Outcomes Review the components of the teaching process.
Compare the teaching process to the nursing process. List the client education critical elements for performance in the nursing lab. Identify the components of the teaching project Explain the assignment expectations in a stepwise approach.

3 Teaching process in Client education
Assessment Identification of learning needs utilizing a focused assessment to identify the presence of concerns that needs to be addressed and to exclude the presence of barriers to learning Planning Development of learning outcomes and the selection and design of appropriate content to achieve them Implementation Provision of a teaching plan to the intended audience Evaluation Collection of data to determine the client’s progress toward achieving learning outcomes.

4 Teaching Process vs. Nursing process
Assessment: collection and organization of subjective/objective data Planning: analysis of data to draw diagnostic conclusions and development of outcomes and actions to treat diagnoses Implementation: provision and documentation of care planned in the care plan Evaluation: collection of data measuring outcomes identified. assessment planning implementation evaluation

5 Client Education Critical Elements in Nursing Lab
Develops client scenario for teaching topic. Identifies learning needs. Lists objectives/expected outcomes. Identifies methodology and tools. Develops content outline. Implements plan via demonstration. Evaluates client's understanding of information presented. Documents client's understanding of learning needs and/or objectives. Completes all critical elements within a 12 minute timeframe

6 Components of the teaching project
Patient teaching worksheet To be completed on the assigned teaching topic and submitted for review to the lab instructor. Base your work on the teaching example Patient teaching presentation Role-play of the actual teaching topic assigned in the nursing lab. To be performed on the assigned lab date using a lab partner as a client.

7 Creating the teaching scenario
Key features of an excellent scenario Includes the appropriate topical information Has the focused assessment data indicating a learning need included in the scenario. Has excluded the presence of barriers to learning

8 Creating the teaching scenario
Appropriate topical information realistic prescription for medication, procedure or treatment Focused assessment data indicating a learning need indicates that the client has verbalized a lack of understanding of the medication, procedure, or treatment it is newly prescribed and the client lacks familiarity with it. Exclusion of barriers to learning Indicates that the client is ready and willing to learn

9 Assessment of client’s learning needs
Client’s attributes Cognitive, psychomotor skills Desire to learn/affective skills Presence of barriers to learning Client’s needs Prescribed therapy Adaptation to level of illness prevention

10 Nursing Diagnosis Selects a teaching diagnosis correctly
Health seeking behaviors Ineffective therapeutic regimen management Uses alternative nursing diagnoses correctly Anxiety Uses PES format correctly Creates a risk for statement regarding ineffective therapeutic regimen management if the client is newly prescribed or diagnosed.

11 Outcomes The outcome is a statement that reflects a concrete measurable event and timing that reflects learning that would be accomplished by the end of the counseling session. The statements include: a return demonstration for the performance of a treatment, medication or procedure A verbalization of understanding for an explanation of a treatment, medication or procedure

12 Methodology/tools The methodology is complete, relevant and appropriate for the client situation Verbal explanation, Demonstration, Multimedia The tools listed are complete, relevant and appropriate for the client situation. The tools are the equipment needed to complete the teaching plan The student would use a syringe, alcohol swab, medication vial, injection pad, brochure about the injection procedure

13 Content outline The content outline is a table of the relevant objectives and correlated content that is necessary to achieve the outcome. Use the relevant content maps to guide objective development.

14 Method of evaluation The method of evaluation would accurately determine if the client will be able to achieve the outcome. The methods are derived from the outcome statement and are generally as follows: Verbal query to ascertain level of understanding Direct observation of a procedure or skill that is supposed to be demonstrated upon request

15 Documentation The documentation included the focused assessment data indicating the learning need, the teaching provided and the clients response. If you set up your narrative first as a focus note (DAR), you will have identified the pertinent information required.

16 Summary of key points The patient teaching project requires that you submit a patient teaching worksheet on your assigned topic before lab 5 in the nursing lab schedule. The final component of the teaching project is a role play scheduled during the nursing lab wherein you will be required to present the actual teaching as if you were providing the teaching to a client in a real situation. In order to successfully complete the assignment the student should review the components of the teaching process; assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation as it related to the nursing process.. The student should review and analyze the critical elements client education for performance in the nursing lab and compare their individual performance to the teaching example and recommendation provided in this presentation.

17 Web resources Review the following articles on patient education by Maureen Habel, RN, MA : Patient Education: Empowering Patients and Families Patient Education: Empowering Patients and Families (Part 2) How To Be an Effective Patient Teacher (Part 1 of this chapter) Getting Your Message Across: Patient Teaching, Part 4 Getting Your Message Across: Patient Teaching, Part 5 Review web-based patient teaching resources Review the health care literacy initiative website Review health care literacy presentation at

18 Appendix

19 Glossary of terms Focused assessment
Back Focused assessment Organized collection of subjective and objective data that supports a learning need. Barriers to learning Personal, interpersonal or situational factors that would interfere with learning material Design of appropriate content Utilization of teaching methods ( ex: verbal instruction, written explanations, visual tools, multimedia, games) that is content & client appropriate. Learning outcomes or objectives Sequenced statements that indicate the desired learning the client will achieve at the end of the counseling session. Intended audience Client, family, caregivers and community based on the initial assessment

20 Health Seeking Behaviors
Back Definition Focused assessment The state in which an individual in stable health actively seeks ways to alter personal health habits and/or the environment to move toward a higher level of wellness. (Stable health is defined as a condition in which the client's well-being is maximized; signs and symptoms of disease, if present, are controlled; and disabilities follow a predictable, nonacute route. Expressed or observed desire to seek information for health promotion Source: Carpenito, Handbook of diagnosis(2006)

21 Ineffective Therapeutic Regimen Management
Back Definition Focused assessment A pattern in which the individual experiences or is at risk to experience difficulty integrating into daily living a program for treatment of illness and the sequelae of illness and reduction of risk situations (e.g., unsafe, pollution). Verbalized desire to manage the treatment of illness and prevention of sequelae Verbalized difficulty with regulation/integration of one or more prescribed regimens for treatment of illness and its effects or for prevention of complications Source: Carpenito, Handbook of diagnosis(2006)

22 Anxiety Definition Focused assessment The state in which an individual or group experiences feelings of uneasiness (apprehension) and activation of the autonomic nervous system in response to a vague, nonspecific threat. Manifested by symptoms from three categories: physiologic, emotional, and cognitive; symptoms vary according to the level of anxiety. Source: Carpenito, Handbook of diagnosis(2006)

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