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Nursing professional standards Prepared by: Dr. Rawhia Dogham.

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1 Nursing professional standards Prepared by: Dr. Rawhia Dogham

2 Outline Definition of standard Importance of nursing standards Characteristics of nursing standards ANA standards of care

3 What are Nursing Standards? They are a statement that reflect a desired and achievable level of performance against which actual performance can be compared

4 Why are Standards Important? 1 Provides nurses with a framework for developing competencies 2 Guides and directs professional nursing practice 3 To compare and improve the existing nursing practice 4 To evaluate the quality of nursing practice 5 To Provide legal protection for nurses Define the profession's accountability which nurses are responsible

5 Characteristics of standards Objective, acceptable, and flexible Must be framed by the members in nursing profession Must be clear Must be based on current knowledge and scientific practice Must be reviewed and revised periodically

6 6

7 I. Assessment The nurse collects comprehensive data pertinent to the patients health or situation

8 2. Diagnosis The nurse analyzes the assessment data to determine the diagnoses or issues

9 3.Outcomes identification The nurse identifies expected outcomes for a plan individualize to the patient or the situation

10 4. Planning The nurse develops a plan of care that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes.

11 5. Implementation The nurse implements the interventions identified in the plan of care

12 6. Evaluation The nurse evaluates the patients progress toward attainment of outcomes.


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