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Research Infrastructures The Research Infrastructures in FP7.

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1 Research Infrastructures The Research Infrastructures in FP7

2 Research Infrastructures  Optimising the use and development of the best research infrastructures in Europe;  Helping to create in all fields of Science and Technology new research infrastructures of pan-European interest needed by the scientific community  to help industry to strengthen its base of knowledge and its technological know how. Objectives

3 Research Infrastructures  “Facilities”, “resources” or “services” that are used by the scientific community for the  development of leading-edge research at EU level  knowledge transmission, knowledge exchanges and knowledge preservation;  This definition covers major equipments, scientific archives and structured information, enabling ICT-based infrastructures, and any other entity of a unique nature used for research. Definition of Research Infrastructures

4 Research Infrastructures Activities Support for:  Existing research infrastructures, for optimizing the access to and the utilisation and performance of such infrastructures  New research infrastructures, (incl. major upgrades) through the implementation of a «strategic» approach

5 Research Infrastructures a) Support to existing research infrastructures  both on a generic (bottom-up) basis and in close cooperation with the thematic areas: –transnational access –integrating activities –research e-infrastructure  Call for proposals; selection through a peer review system.

6 Research Infrastructures b) Support to new research infrastructures  construction of new infrastructures and major updates of existing ones, based on the work conducted by ESFRI notably, and whenever appropriate on the basis of Article 171 of the Treaty  design (and foresight) studies, through a bottom-up approach, and by funding exploratory awards and feasibility studies for new infrastructures

7 Research Infrastructures  Needs for new research infrastructures in the medium–long term should be clearly defined as well as a corresponding roadmap.  The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) will play a major role in this context. Need for a clear vision…

8 Research Infrastructures Next steps April 2005: ESFRI „List of opportunities“ Fall 2005: ESFRI „Roadmap“ 2006 Commission „List of priority projects“

9 Research Infrastructures A two-stage process :  The engineering phase - through restricted calls targeted to a list of priority projects - for construction plans, legal organisation, management structure, …  Implementation phase - following successful first phase - engineering various financial instruments The operational mechanism to support construction in FP7

10 Research Infrastructures  Added value of EU financial support  Capacity to offer a service to users from the scientific community at European level;  Relevance at international level;  Technological feasibility;  Possibilities for European partnership and commitment of major stakeholders;  Construction and operating costs evaluated. Clear Criteria for new Research Infrastructures

11 Research Infrastructures  On the basis of calls for proposals: Collaborative projects, coordination and support actions, combined as I3 as appropriate  To support actions implemented through Council and European Parliament decisions on the basis of article 171 of the Treaty or through the specific programme decisions, to mobilise funding from different origin: national funding, FP, SF, loans from EIB, and others Funding Schemes…

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