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Engineering Practical Experience  How to find it  How to make the most of it Careers Centre

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1 Engineering Practical Experience  How to find it  How to make the most of it Careers Centre

2 Careers Centre 2 Benefits  Adds value to your degree and demonstrates your motivation  Links the theory to practical experience  Provides industry knowledge and skills  Provides information about workplace expectations and culture  Networking and referees  Can lead to graduate jobs /full-time employment!  Income

3 Careers Centre 3 For best results….Target  The most effective form of job search is targeted and informed  Know yourself and your requirements  Know the employer and their requirements

4 Careers Centre 4 Know yourself  Identify your interests and needs  Skills and experience analysis  Think about what you would like to gain/learn from the employment/work experience/vacation work eg.  Broad experience  Specialist knowledge  Knowledge of a particular job/industry  Money

5 Careers Centre 5 Which Organisations? - Something to think about  Which industry?  What type of experience?  Private/Public/not for profit  Small/Medium/Large Organisation  Local/Interstate/Overseas

6 Careers Centre Important factors  Identify 3 key influencing factors 1._____________________________ 2._____________________________ 3._____________________________ 6

7 Careers Centre 7 Research – Find Out Who  Professional and Industry associations  Graduate employer publications  Newspapers / online job listings   Careers Centre – CareerHub   Employer websites  ENGN3100 webpage  Your networks

8 Careers Centre Your networks  List 5 people who may know of opportunities/potential employers 1.___________________________ 2.___________________________ 3.___________________________ 4.___________________________ 5.___________________________ 8

9 Careers Centre 9 The Next Step  Look out for advertised opportunities  Send a speculative letter/email and resume and follow up with a phone call  Conduct an information interview  Contact HR department, Recruitment officer, Engineering manager

10 Careers Centre How to introduce yourself  Consider what information you may need to convey to a potential employer  Requirements for your Practical Experience  Insurance  Availability 10

11 Careers Centre 11 Insurance  If in a paid arrangement you will be covered by the employers worker’s compensation scheme  The ANU covers students on course related unpaid work experience /Insurance_Office /Insurance_Office  Departmental approval is required  Allow plenty of time  Contact ANU Insurance Officer for more information - 6125 4257

12 Careers Centre 12 Be Prepared  Attend job application and interview skills workshops  Get your Resume up to date and write an attention grabbing covering letter  Target organisations you are interested in and research them  Read industry publications so you are aware of current trends and opportunities

13 Careers Centre 13 Applications  Cover letter  Address it personally  Specify the type of experience you seek  Outline your key attributes/skills (they should relate to those sought by or valued by the employer)  Express interest in further discussing opportunities or attending interview  Resume  Tailor it to the position/company/industry  Highlight relevant experience, skills and achievements

14 Careers Centre 14 Got the job? Make the most of it  Discuss and negotiate expectations  Identify key people  Show initiative and enthusiasm  Do more then you have to  Make the most of networking opportunities  Make a positive and professional impression

15 Careers Centre 15 Follow up  Send a thank-you letter and include in it a comment about what you have gained from the experience  Ask if you can send your resume when you graduate  Keep in touch. But don’t over do it!

16 Careers Centre 16 Useful Resources  Careers Centre  CareerHub:  Handouts, books and samples on resumes & cover letters  Workshops  Drop-in sessions (Monday 11am-12.30pm, Wednesday 2-4pm, Friday 9.30-11.30am)  Professional associations -APESMA -Engineers Australia -Young Engineers Australia (YEA)

17 Careers Centre Guest Speaker 17 APESMA Elliot Stein Industrial Organiser ACT Branch

18 Careers Centre 18 Good luck with your brilliant careers ANU Careers Centre JB Chifley Building Arts Centre Lane (Opposite the Gods Café) Ph: 6125 3593 Email: Web: QUESTION TIME

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