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Finding a Summer Job: 2015  Summer Employment Programs  Identifying Other Potential Employers  Researching Potential Employers  Summer Opportunities.

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1 Finding a Summer Job: 2015  Summer Employment Programs  Identifying Other Potential Employers  Researching Potential Employers  Summer Opportunities Fair 2015  Career Planning Services

2 Summer Employment Programs  Federal Student Work Experience Program - FSWEP (  Youth Employment Strategy Summer Work Experience (  Student Works Program (on-campus – jobs advertised at in March)  Nova Scotia Employment Program for Students (  Entrepreneurship programs – Create your own job! ACOA (

3 Identifying Other Potential Employers Visible Job Market (new jobs posted daily!) Other employment websites Newspaper ads Service Canada Job bank ( ) Departmental bulletin boards Company postings (in house, websites) Employment Agencies

4 Identifying Other Potential Employers Hidden Job Market (80-90% of job market!) Networking Newspaper articles Company newsletters and websites Directories related to your field of study (Directory of Community Services, Business Directory for the Metro Halifax Chamber of Commerce: nt/Business_Directory ) nt/Business_Directory

5 Common Types of Employers that Hire Summer Students  Summer Camps  Municipal Parks and Recreation Departments  Tourism related parks, and organizations  Various businesses looking for summer casual help  Ideas?

6 Researching Potential Employers  Research products and services they offer, what they look for in employees, application methods, special initiatives, recruitment schedules  Researching the employer will help you identify what you can contribute to the organization. It is also great preparation for the interview!

7 How To Research A Potential Employer  Contact the organization directly  Visit the organization’s website  Use your network – professors, family, friends may be familiar with the organization and know of “hidden” job opportunities

8 MSVU/SMU Summer Job Fair  What: Your chance to meet local, national, and international employers who want to hire you for Summer 2015!  When: Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Where: Saint Mary’s University, Loyola Conference Hall  How to get there: Take the free bus from Seton starting at 10:30 a.m. (full schedule on website)  Info:

9 Summer Job Fair Do’s and Don’t’s  DO bring resumes  DO research the employers ahead of time  DO approach employers with confidence  DO dress to impress!  DON’T leave the employers table without saying a word  DON’T chew gum  DON’T monopolize time

10 Networking at the Summer Job Fair  Make a list of companies you want to approach prior to the fair  Approach less preferred organizations first  Offer a firm handshake  Introduce yourself  Maintain eye contact without staring  Maintain an open posture  Lean slightly toward the employer  Be ready for an on-the-spot interview  Ask 4-5 open ended questions

11 After the Fair…..  Organize company information/business cards  Follow-up with another form of contact – a cover letter addressing specifics of initial meeting, what you learned, and a thank you  Attempt to facilitate another face to face meeting – information interview …more on this later…

12 Making Contact If applying for an advertised job: Follow their application instructions; Send a professional resume and cover letter tailored to the position Make sure you have your cover letter addressed to a particular person Follow-up after you apply to ensure they received your information, to restate your interest, and to find out their timeframe for setting up interviews

13 Making Contact If accessing the hidden job market: Make initial contact by mail, email or telephone Goal is to secure an in-person appointment When making direct contact (phone, in-person), always have your resume with you, prepare a short script about yourself and what you can do for the employer (related education, experience, interest in the organization), be prepared for an informal interview Options: directly ask about employment opportunities, or ask for an information interview

14 Sample Script: First Contact 1. Introduce yourself: name, degree “My name is _____. I am completing a degree in _____ at MSVU.” 2. Establish common ground (mention referral source, common interest) “I met a representative from your organization at the MSVU/SMU Summer Job Fair and was excited to learn that you hire Summer students.” (or other appropriate comment) 3. Show that you know something about the organization (research!) “I have also been to your website and learned about some exciting initiatives that are related to my studies. I am aware that you hire students to do research and would love to learn more about this opportunity.” 4. Ask for an in-person meeting “I’m wondering if I could meet with you briefly to ask some questions?”

15 Sample Information Interview Questions  How did you get started in this type of work?  What skills or personal qualities are necessary in this career?  How is your organization being affected by the recent expansion of its services? (or other appropriate question showing your knowledge of what is going on in the organization)  Does your organization offer volunteer or summer employment opportunities for students interested in gaining more experience in this field? (Or if you know they do offer these opportunities, come up with a question about the nature of the work).  Where else could I find people involved in this type of work that I may not have thought of? (get referrals if appropriate)  Note: –Try to find a way to show how your education/experience can help meet the organization’s needs (give examples of related educational projects, work experience etc.) –Bring your resume and leave it if asked

16 Career Planning Services  Resume Critiquing Service  Interview Preparation workshops  Mock interviews  Resource Library  Individual Counselling  Explore the jobs and resources at:

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