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InfoTrac Power Search 2.0 Lund Online 2009 – Products & Platforms Monique Schutterop.

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1 InfoTrac Power Search 2.0 Lund Online 2009 – Products & Platforms Monique Schutterop

2 Wat is Power Search 2.0? PowerSearch 2.0 is a Gale product platform It allows users to cross search many Gale periodical databases, some of the resource centers and as electronic reference books (from Gale Virtual Reference Library) using one, simple interface. PowerSearch 2.0, offers additional features such as:  The ability to create named user accounts  Web 2.0 sharing tools  Read Speaker technology  Downloadable audio versions of articles in MP3 format, etc. The start page is customizable to display information important to your users

3 Academic OneFile - AONE Database of academic journals Multidisciplinary (Humanities, Business, Art, Technology, Social Sciences, Medicine, Law, Natural Sciences)  Collection of 13,000 academic journals  8,000 Peer Reviewed  4,500 Full Text  3,500 Active (current), Full-text titles  Full-text of the New York Times from 1995, London Times to 1985  Full NPR archive with audio and transcripts  Largest collection of active full-text journals with no embargo

4 Gale Virtual Reference Library - GVRL A collection of encyclopedias and specialised reference sources for multidisciplinary research  More than 2400 reference works to choose from  Hundreds of Award Winners  50+ publishers Allowing:  Research/Reference books online  No readers, no check-outs, no barriers  Unlimited usage, downloads and prints  Full flexibility with your collection – make your own collection  Customer owns the content forever  Different publishers, cross-searchable  Easy access for all sorts of users

5 User Interface A New User Experience Since 2002, Gale has experimented with the “one search box” Google experience.

6 Named User Support, allowing users to create profiles and save content. Featured content, including user- specified RSS feeds to keep homepage personal. Featured publications, including recently added and titles chosen by librarians. Better, more visible navigation links. More visually appealing home page, giving users more of a “web- like” experience. My HomePage

7 Search within results; limit results by subject, publication, document type; date. Easy navigation using sliders. Context-sensitive multimedia, including images, video and podcasts. Web 2.0 sharing functionality, including RSS. Engaging Search Results

8 Web 2.0 Functionality Additional Web 2.0 sharing tools

9 More limiting capabilities, including a controlled-vocabulary browse that allows users to refine their searches with multiple subject terms. Limit by publication, publication subject category, language, reading level and many more options. More Advanced Options

10 Browse through Gale’s more than 20,000 publications, refining by subject and type. New hover technology allows user to see more details without clicking through. Name any search, so that you can receive search alerts and save them in your custom profile. Better Browsing

11 Full Multimedia Gallery

12 Power Search 2.0 - Imagine 12 To be able to access, cross search, research: Any term and find articles from thousands of magazines, journals and books or video and podcast content from numerous outfits. Peer reviewed, academic and general, full text, dictionary, read speaker, web 2.0 tools and much more.

13 InfoTrac Power Search 2.0 Power to the User Let’s go online!

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