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WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Report First Draft March 2010 1.

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1 WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Report First Draft March 2010 1

2 WASC Self-Study Process  Western Association of Schools and Colleges  Accreditation Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities  Promotes the development of sustainable effective educational programs  Assures that the institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness  Accreditation is required to qualify for financial aid for students 2

3 Outline of Process WASC Proposal submitted June 2006 C&PR Report submittedJuly 2008 C&PR VisitcompletedOctober 2008 EER Report due for submissionJuly 2010 EER Visit scheduled forOctober 2010 3

4 Educational Effectiveness Review Focus is on the extent to which CPP fulfills its core commitment to educational effectiveness.  Clear and appropriate educational objectives  Processes of Review  Delivery of programs and learner accomplishments at the appropriate level 4

5 Educational Effectiveness Review Theme Based Approach Theme 1: Institutional Excellence Theme 2: Teacher-Scholar Model Theme 3: Student Success 5

6 Theme 1: Institutional Excellence Demonstrating our Growth as an Outstanding Learning Institution in an Urban Environment that Serves a Multitude of Student Needs 6

7 Theme 1: Institutional Excellence  A Learning-Centered University  Programs of Distinction Defined as programs that support engaged and effective learning experiences that fulfill university’s stated mission, values, and vision.  Crafting the University Strategic Plan  Academic Master Plan  University Strategic Plan 7

8 Theme 1: Institutional Excellence  Creating a Sense of Community  Community Building - Students, Staff and Faculty  Our Presence in the Surrounding Community  Communicating our Mission  Ensuring the Availability of Resources  Success in Telling our Story to Attract Resources 8

9 Theme 2: Teacher-Scholar Model  Integrating the Delivery of Instruction and Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities into one Setting  Fostering the Synergy between Teaching, Scholarship, Professional Development and Practice 9

10 Theme 2: Teacher-Scholar Model  Evolution of the Teacher-Scholar Model  To some extent CPP’s path mirrors that of the CSU  Development of Teacher-Scholar Definition at CPP  Definition created by the Teacher-Scholar Task Force 10

11 Theme 2: Teacher-Scholar Model  Teacher-Scholar Model - Analysis and Assessment of the Trends  In Teaching Innovation & Excellence  In Scholarship  In Integration of Teaching and Scholarship  Sustainability of Teacher-Scholar Model 11

12 Theme 3: Student Success Propelling a Diverse Group of Learners toward Extraordinary Life Achievements 12

13 Theme 3: Student Success  Facilitating Retention and Graduation  Orientation  Academic Advising  Development and Impact of the First Year Experience  Closing the Achievement Gap  Retention and Graduation Rates at CPP 13

14 Theme 3: Student Success  Achieving Academic Success  Assessment of University Learning Outcomes  Co-curricular Program Review  Academic Program Review and Assessment  Redesigning Assessment of General Education 14

15 Theme 3: Student Success  Student Engagement  Serving the Multiple Needs of Our Student Body Creating a Challenging Environment for our High Achieving Students Creating a Nurturing Environment Supporting our Under-represented Student Groups 15

16 Theme 3: Student Success  Creating Future Success  Preparing Students for Careers Linking Theory and Practice  Preparing Students for Post-Baccalaureate Work  Fostering Leaders and Engaged Citizens 16

17 Conclusion Chapter  Is an integrative chapter  Will address common issues and insights that emerged from the three themes and the self-study 17 To be completed with input from campus community

18 Comments  Full draft report available at   We seek your comments and input on  the content of the report  points to be made in the conclusion chapter 18

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