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Let me control over my pages: Tables, Frames, and CSS.

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1 Let me control over my pages: Tables, Frames, and CSS

2 Tables (Layers)  Providing designers with some degree of control to the layout of Web pages

3 Tables  Percentages vs. Pixel  You can place anything in a cell including text, image, and buttons  Table alignment A table can be centered regardless of the size of the viewers’ monitor size.  Text or image alignment in a cell

4 Table  Use Template in Dreamweaver and insert Tables.

5 Frames  Multiple HTML Pages in one page Footer Main content Container Navigation Header

6 Frames: Advantages  Frames provide the consistent layout and navigational options.  Viewers stay in your site.

7 Warnings when using Frames  Cannot bookmark interior pages  Difficult to print  Poor scalability  Tricky to design  Search engines catalog incorrectly, or not at all  Not supported by older web browsers  Hard to organize and maintain individual HTML files  Visually unattractive  Older browsers do not support.  dorbad.html dorbad.html

8 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)  Developers have some control of font, font sizes, spacing, etc.  A Single style sheet can be used for all of the pages on your site  A site can have a consistent layout across platforms, browsers, and different sizes of monitors.  d=u00220030527ton01.htm d=u00220030527ton01.htm

9 Types of applying styles  Hierarchy 1. Inline 2. Embedded style: inside of the file 3. Linked to external file:.CSS

10 External style sheet .CSS: A external file containing all formatting commands that you created

11 Warnings for using CSS  Older browsers (before Netscape 4.0 or Explorer 4.0) do not support CSS.

12 My recommendations:

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