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LOTUS NOTES 8.5. Ease of Filtering/Message Organization: Sort by Who.

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2 Ease of Filtering/Message Organization: Sort by Who

3 Message Organization: Sort by Subject

4 Message Organization: Sort by Date

5 Message Organization: Sort by Icon

6 Mail Searching Full Search

7 Extended Search Options:

8 Message Flagging

9 Flag Preferences

10 Unread Filters


12 Email Threads

13 Color Coding:Background

14 Color Code: Background

15 Color Coding: Text


17 Mail Rules Rules offer a wide range of options when dealing with incoming or sent mail. Move to folders Delete messages Forward Copies of messages etc..

18 Works on Multiple Devices Lotus Traveler enables Android and Apple products to sync with the Domino server: Calendar, Contacts, and E-mail sync wirelessly to the device.

19 Interface Consistancy Client InboxWeb Based Inbox

20 Client Inbox

21 Web Based Inbox

22 Calendars Client Web Based

23 Client Calendar

24 Web Client Calendar

25 Reduce Workload Message Organization Delegated Management Group Calendar Calendar Overlay Home Screen

26 Delegated Management Giving Access of your mail and calendar to other users

27 Allow multiple users to manage a single mailbox Examples are,, No limit on quantity of user access, cloud solution limits users: Mail-in Database

28 Group Calendar

29 Calendar Overlay: 2 Day view

30 Calendar Overlay: Month View

31 Calendar with External Overlays

32 Home Screen Customization

33 Web Based Home Screen

34 Stationary

35 Stationary Message

36 Calendars and Reservations



39 Group Calendar

40 Overlay

41 Resource Reservation Bear Software

42 Resource Reservation Reservation Tool integrated into Lotus Domino Resources and Room can have various reservation options assigned Auto-response from resources Resources can be selected by users as “preferred” making a particular resource a default when creating invitations

43 To Do: Personal

44 To Do: Delegate

45 To Do: Delegate Sees

46 To Do: Delegated displays in mail view

47 To Do: Share with Others

48 To Do: Groups

49 Educational Purposes Support Onsite Hosting Management and Control of District Owned Data Security

50 On Site Hosting Central Repository User Management Database Archiving Financial Information Student Data All of the above information can be found in mail files or other Lotus Databases. Cloud solution could place all the above information on the internet. Private network, primary data available via district infrastructure Web access can be controlled via network or through security options in Lotus Notes

51 Management and Control of District Owned Data Tracking and Recovery within District defined criteria Log Review Message Tracking Archiving Data Retention Data Discovery Data Recovery Hosted solution provides RRISD with complete discretion.

52 Security Encryption User to User Encryption On Server Sender Controls Message Security Message Recall Return Receipt Confidentiality Privacy

53 Reliability Failover provides continuous access when primary servers are down. Redundancy decreases the chances that data will be lost.

54 Attachment Management District limit on attachments is 30 mg. Cloud solution range from 20-25 mg. In addition impose message limit caps and recipient limitations. RRISD has complete discretion on limits or lack of.

55 Questions?

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