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Grant Review & Analysis Office Heather Offhaus, Director 11/1/2011.

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1 Grant Review & Analysis Office Heather Offhaus, Director 11/1/2011

2 Purpose Supporting the research enterprise through the review of proposals & material transfers from external funding/provider sources for compliance review with school, university and sponsor guidelines Serving as content experts on requirements and financial issues of sponsors Directly providing services to specific units for the submission and post-award management of external projects Producing and providing data for the State of Research, sections of the M-Dash and M-Stat systems, and ad hoc queries

3 Products and Services Review Content Resource Department / Unit Direct Support Reporting & Analysis Data Collection Internal Office Support

4 Customers Direct Support Data Analysis Grant Review / Content Grant Administrators Individual Investigators Campus / Regulatory Offices Other Campus Grant Offices External Sponsors Department Administrators Chairs UMHS Leadership Hospital Administration MSA Dean’s Office & Units Contracting Departments

5 Current Staffing by Service

6 Environmental Factors Grant Review & Analysis University: Reaching $2B in expenditures within 7 years Units: Significant increase in data capture and reporting requests Government: Increasingly complex administration environment UMHS: Doubling clinical research

7 Current Initiatives Support & streamline review of compliance issues Increase direct services to MSA & Hospital projects Increase educational opportunities for those expected to be content experts Expand reporting to support forecasts and faculty access / use

8 Opportunities for Collaboration & Synergy Pilot School as Institutional Approver for Federal Grant Applications Active training and potential mentoring Small Unit support with centralized FTEs Clinical Trial Demonstration Project GR&A with Departments and Campus

9 Thank You

10 Appendix

11 Key Performance Indicators Review –Number of Transactions –Turn around time to first contact and release –Customer Satisfactions Data –M-Stat and M-Dash usage statistics –Requests for Data

12 Current Staffing by Service Review 3.0 Content Resource / Questions1.5 Department / Unit Direct Support1.5 Reporting & Analysis1.25 Data Collection0.25 Internal Office Support0.5 Average FTEs

13 ARRA FTE Trend over Time Proposal Transactions FTE Distribution


15 Where we fit on campus Investigator Idea Funding Source Grants Application Preparation Routing & Submission Post Award Issues and Close Out DRDA Department Fin Ops

16 Review Specifics: External sponsored projects that involve Health System faculty & space Compliance areas are within Health System, University & sponsor guidelines –Effort –Space –Budget –General guideline compliance

17 Review Consumers: Largest constituency: Grant Administrators –No one can be expected to know everything –Everyone needs a source of continuing education

18 Project Financial Management: MSA & Hospital based projects –Provide cradle to grave help and oversight based on service schedule –Fulfill department Grant Administrator role for those who need the support –Centralized support so units can focus on main functional activity

19 Resource: Questions on proposal submission and content Questions on awarded projects’ execution Field complex issues where the goal is “find a way” Ongoing educational opportunities for departments (GPAC) Central Source of Best Practices Tools for sponsored projects (e.g. VA MoU worksheets, budget templates,) Grants Office Website –

20 Reporting & Analysis: M-Stat & M-Dash systems for research submissions / awards & expenditures –Variety of reports available to departments and faculty National Institutes of Health yearly rankings – or market share… –School level and department level Internal data –e.g. for award acknowledgement or IRB Fees

21 Submitting proposals for external funds to support research –Grants –Contracts –Fellowships –Research support in general Executing Material Transfer Agreements Reviewing data related to research When should I use the Grants Office?

22 General Information: (734) 763-4272 How do I contact the Grants Office?

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