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Molly Lee UNESCO Bangkok 1.

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1 Molly Lee UNESCO Bangkok Email: 1

2 Recruitment of teachers Preparation for the teaching profession Employment and career Working conditions Compensation and benefits Management and deployment Professional development and support Professional standards and code of ethics Supervision and assessment Participation in decision-making 2 Outline

3 Recruitment Admission criteria to teacher education programmes Selection procedures Financial assistance to overcome teacher shortages Incentives to attract talented young people to join the profession 3

4 Teacher Preparation Programme Length of initial training and level of training depends on level of development General and specialist training (subjects, professional area) Practical teaching experience, induction period Consecutive or concurrent programmes 4

5 Employment and Career Who does the training, licensing and hiring? Entry to the teaching profession Promotion and career structure Promotion based on objective assessment and seniority Security of tenure 5

6 Working conditions 6 Hours of work Class size Teaching aids and equipments School buildings and facilities Annual holidays and leave

7 Compensation and benefits 7 Teachers’ salaries 1 Annual increment (standard or performance- based) 2 Pension or EPF or social security 3 Other benefits: housing loans, car loans, computer loans, medical benefits, etc. 4

8 Special provisions for teachers in rural or remote areas 8 Decent housing Critical /hardship allowances Special home leave Limited period of service

9 Management and deployment Posting and transfer of teachers Matching demand and supply Coordination among different local educational authorities Special needs of female teachers serving in remote areas Optimal use of local teachers 9

10 Professional development and support In-service training and on-service Use of ODL Mandatory or voluntary Upgrading of teacher qualifications Professional support in teacher resource centres Voucher system (Singapore) Assign mentors to beginning teachers 10

11 Professional Standards Elements: professional knowledge, professional practice, professional values, professional relationships 11 Standards for beginning teachers Advanced standards Generic standards Specific standards

12 Code of ethics 12 1 Teachers’ responsibilities to the pupils 2 Teachers’ responsibilities to the profession 3 Teachers’ responsibilities to the parents and community

13 Supervision and assessment Teacher attendance and absenteeism Professional/school leadership by the principals Regular school visits by school supervisors Professional support from master teachers/ subject panel heads Teaching certificates/license 13

14 Participation in decision-making Collective bargaining through teacher unions Social dialogue through teacher professional associations Regular consultation with teachers’ organizations 14

15 Thank You 15

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