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Continuum of Teacher Development and Shared Accountability Leading to Increased Student Performance Teaching Quality Policy Center Education Commission.

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1 Continuum of Teacher Development and Shared Accountability Leading to Increased Student Performance Teaching Quality Policy Center Education Commission of the States

2 Teacher Development – The Teachers We Want Become nation-builders by: advancing the academic, social, civic, talents and personal achievement of all students promoting the public’s understanding and support of education growing professionally and promoting the profession of teaching

3 Teacher Development – The Teachers We Want have thorough knowledge of the subjects they teach know how students learn demonstrate the ability to assess and increase student learning manage classrooms effectively care about the academic, social, civic, and personal success of all students use technology effectively to promote student learning collaborate with colleagues, parents, & community members to advance positive learning environments are active and reflective learners

4 Teacher Development – The Teachers We Want Do we find them or prepare them?…must we choose between: individual talent vs. preparation focus on outputs vs. focus on inputs content knowledge vs. pedagogical skills alternative vs. traditional programs

5 Teacher Development – The Teachers We Want Both!…the choices are not real choices, but: higher education must build more developmentally appropriate and accessible entry routes into teaching states must develop better policies and programs that support the success of teachers regardless of entry route

6 Teacher Development – The Teachers We Want Assuring quality teachers relies on effective programs and accountability systems with a balanced focus on: Recruitment Preparation Initial Licensure Employment & Induction Continuing Licensure Retention Professional Development

7 Teacher Development - Leading to Increased Student Performance RecruitmentPreparation Initial License Continuing License Retention & Professional Development Employment & Induction Higher Levels of Achievement for All Students

8 Teacher Development – Recruitment Recruitment and scholarships programs for: middle grades and high school students Teacher Cadet, FTA clubs, & scholarships to attract talented students community college students Well-articulated 2+2, degree-completion programs undergraduate and graduate college/university students 4 & 5 year programs, MATs, and license-only programs paraprofessionals & mid-career professionals Flexible/accessible programs designed for working adults previously licensed teachers and other educators Special incentives and programs to “fast-track” re-licensure

9 Quality and Accountability - Recruitment Tracking different programs and populations for: acceptance into traditional or non-traditional teacher preparation programs completion of all requirements for full licensure entrance into teaching and for how long academic performance and diversity of those accepted, completing, and entering teaching evidence of improving student achievement for those they teach other evidence of success in the profession

10 Teacher Development – Preparation Accredited programs characterized by: liberal arts courses that assure candidates possess the knowledge and understanding of the content they will teach pedagogical courses that assure candidates know how students learn, how to teach their content, and how to manage classes for increased student learning clinical, field, & intern experiences that assure candidates have the applied knowledge of teaching and learning with different students in different schools and communities

11 Quality and Accountability - Preparation Departments of education and higher education institutions report uniform data on: grade point averages in the teaching content area and overall scores on state and nationally-normed measures of content and pedagogy confirmation of the candidate’s ability to promote student learning through examples of PK-12 student work yearly surveys of all new teachers and their employers

12 Teacher Development – Initial License Recommended for licensure by preparation program and public school personnel by: successfully completing all liberal arts and pedagogical content courses successfully completing all clinical, field and internship experiences, including providing work sample evidence of ability to increase student learning passing all state-mandated licensing examinations

13 Quality and Accountability - Initial License Completion of all initial licensure standards from an accredited state-approved program with: acceptable scores on state and/or national measures of content and pedagogy evidence of candidate’s ability to increase students learning additional evidence of likely success recommendations from teacher preparation professionals and practicing teachers

14 Teacher Development – Employment & Induction Hiring, placement, and induction characterized by: customer-friendly application-interview process timely notification of employment, school assignment, and teaching schedule in-field teaching assignments and limited preps minimal additional non-instructional duties, especially for beginning teachers comprehensive induction program trained mentor with time to observe and meet

15 Quality and Accountability - Employment & Induction The district and the state collects and reports uniform data over time on: applicant-to-employment numbers and ratios numbers of licensed and un-licensed teachers out-of-field teaching assignments non-instructional duties of all teachers teacher turnover rates evaluation data on district and school induction and mentoring programs

16 Teacher Development – Continuing License Continuing licenses are based on multiple measures, including: successful participation in an appropriate induction program, supported by a trained mentor observations by administrators and peers and provided with specific feedback in a timely manner and support to improve practice successful scores on all state-mandated tests and/or portfolio assessments, including evidence of increasing student learning

17 Quality and Accountability - Continuing License State and district reports data on the granting of a continuing license to teach based on: classroom observations and evaluation ratings by administration and teaching peers passing scores on state-mandated tests evidence of increased student learning disaggregated by race and gender

18 Teacher Development – Retention Retention is increased where there is: leadership that promotes both high expectations and conditions of success for teaching and learning in-field teaching assignments and limited teaching preparations time to plan, reflect and to meet with peers, parents, and students ready access to instructional tools and materials access and support to participate in advanced study and high quality professional development

19 Quality and Accountability - Retention Data on state, district, and school level teacher retention and retention programs, including: surveys of teacher satisfaction with teaching conditions and school leadership evidence that districts and schools implement programs designed to retain effective teachers, especially in hard-to-staff schools exit interviews with all teachers who transfer within districts or resign from the district

20 Teacher Development – Professional Development Effective professional development is: standards and research-based aligned with school, district, and state student learning goals focused on content to advance student learning extended over time to allow for practice and feedback of new knowledge and skills developmentally appropriate and career long rewarded by advanced degrees, certifications, and enhanced salary

21 Quality and Accountability - Professional Development Data is collected to report on: policies that encourage and support teachers to participate in professional development and advanced studies evidence of teacher success and student achievement linked to professional development and advanced studies the effect of state, district, & school-based professional development in supporting safe, orderly, drug-free, caring, and community- connected schools

22 Continuum of Teacher Development and Shared Accountability Leading to Increased Student Performance RECRUIT -MENT PREPARATION Liberal Arts Courses Clinical, Field & Intern Experiences Pedagogical Content Course Initial License RETENTION & DEVELOPMENT Mentor Support NBPTS Preparation & other Master Teacher Preparation Advanced Academic Study Aligned & Standards Based Professional Growth Activities Higher Levels of Learning For All Students Employment & Induction LONG-RANGE GOAL FEEDBACK College Students Mid-Career & Para- professionals Continuing License Teacher Cadet & FT Clubs Performance Based Performance Based PRE-SERVICE 4 Year, Graduate or Alternative Route IN-SERVICE Initial Employment To Retirement Quality Systems

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