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1 Logical or Formal Definition u Includes –Term –Class –Differentia or Distinguishing Features.

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1 1 Logical or Formal Definition u Includes –Term –Class –Differentia or Distinguishing Features

2 2 Formal Examples u An ohmmeter is an indicating instrument that directly measure the resistance of an electrical circuit u The Superpave Gyratory Compactor is an asphalt testing machine that...

3 3 More Examples u A transit is a land- surveying instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angles.

4 4 Distinguish or Differentiate u Name its essential properties u Explain what it does u Describe what it is made of or what it looks like u Explain how to make or do it

5 5 Avoid u Circular definitions u Do not us the term itself u A designated hitter is a hitter u A designated hitter is a baseball player (class) who

6 6 Use positive statements u Beer is not a wine u Beer is.....

7 7 Use form of “to be” u For grammatical consistency u Not: Osmosis is when u But: Osmosis is a water- purification process in which.....

8 8 Pattern of Organization u Introduction –Defining sentences –Term, class and start of distinguish from other members from class –Transition into 2-3 body paragraphs

9 9 Transition Examples u The SGC is capable of producing test specimens for volumetric analysis and then recording the performance data of asphalt mixes.

10 10 Another Example u What sets the vertical takeoff and landing civil transport (VTOL/CT) apart from conventional aircraft is its forward flight performance and its high- speed cruise performance.

11 11 Body Paragraphs (2-3) u Develop uniqueness of term from others in class u Use notes from class u Key ideas in topic sentence directly related to transition from intro.

12 12 Topic Sentence Examples u The SGC’s primary function is to produce test specimens for volumetric analysis. u The SGC records performance data of asphalt mixes.

13 13 Conclusion paragraph u Conclude by summarizing –Main idea of paper –Key ideas from each body paragraph –Tie paper together

14 14 Plan Graphic u Related to key idea u Interpreted and Referred in text u Number and descriptive title u Caption with key idea

15 15 Write a Transmittal Memo u Direct to immediate audience u Orient audience to attached topic paper

16 16 Transmittal Letter/Memo u Specialized letters or memos u Function as introductory cover letter to report u Directed to main audience member assigning report

17 17 Transmittal Memos u Need a short one for Assignments 5, 6 & 7 u Orient reader about topic papers u Need to be realistic u Practice for big reports

18 18 Letter/Memo of Transmittal u When do you use Memo? internal u When do you use Letter? external & internal u Attach to front of report or after title page

19 19 Transmittal Guidelines Con’t 4 State topic & indicate report is attached 4 Establish purpose of report 4 Explain Why, When & by Whom report authorized 4 Give Brief Summary

20 20 Transmittal Guidelines Con’t 4 Stress Key Information 4 Include comments that might not fit in the report (planned future report?) 4 End with a sense you appreciate having the opportunity to prepare the report

21 21 Transmittal Con’t Pattern of Organization +Introduction--Orient readers +Middle--emphasize one main benefit +Last--appreciation and offer to answer questions

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