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QR Codes.

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1 QR Codes

2 What is a QR Code “Quick Response” QR Code Data Capacity:
Many types of barcodes … see for more info and examples QR code is an open standard. QR Code Data Capacity: Numeric Code = 7,089 characters max Alphanumeric code = 4,296 characters max

3 History Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994
Used for tracking parts during vehicle manufacture QR = Quick Response Can be decoded at hi speeds and from any direction – position detection patterns

4 Uses and Applications Most common: encode the text of a URL
Convenience-oriented applications Aimed at mobile phone/device users = mobile tagging

5 Convenience Oriented Apps:
Open a webpage Display text Display/add Contact info to device Call a coded phone number Open & address an to coded address Open & address a text message to the coded phone number Highlight a geographical location

6 How to Read a QR Code Mobile device must have a camera
Start the QR reader app Point the camera at the code – orient code within designated area

7 How to Create QR Codes Many QR code generator sites on the web… they are free to use.



10 QR Scan Results Contact Information

11 Address

12 –need a phone for this… not ipod touch
Phone Number

13 Text

14 URL

15 Geolocation

16 Testing Ensure scanner reader/app is appropriate for your mobile device Test for compatability & full functionality of QR code Test different scanner readers/apps I don’t think I really have to emphasize how important it is to test your codes. Does your code do everything it’s supposed to? If not, check your reader….. Is it appropriate for your device, specifically the version, OS model of your device? Looking for a scanner app for your device? App store Google: “device name” qr readers

17 Examples



20 Object hyperlinking Object hyperlinking aims to extend the Internet to the real world by attaching tags with URLs to tangible objects or locations. These tags can then be read by a wireless mobile device and information about objects and locations retrieved and displayed. - Wikipedia So what is really going on in the previous real world examples is - object hyperlinking.

21 “Finally, the greatest importance of QR codes could lie not in their specific use, which may be superseded by newer codes and interpreters, but in the opportunities they offer for moving away from keyboards as input devices in learning environments.” February 2009

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QR Codes in Education

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