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PDA Programming Using J2ME Presenter :涂俊凱 Date : 2003/4/8.

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1 PDA Programming Using J2ME Presenter :涂俊凱 Date : 2003/4/8

2 Out line Introduction J2ME CLDC/MIDP API Preparation of programming Examples  HTTP Connection, RMS DB, SOAP, XML Instruction of application development  Step by step

3 What is J2ME Java platform for small devices A subset of Java 2 Standard Edition For programming the Plam For programming the mobile device (e.g mobile phones or WinCE…) CDC (Connected Device Configuration) CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration)

4 What is J2ME (cont’) MIDP Profile 应用 OEM 应用 MID Profile CLDC (KVM) 操作系统 OEM APIs Configuration Layer Profiles Layer

5 Configurations Layer A configuration defines the minimum set of libraries and VM capabilities Devices have similar processing and power and memory constraints EX: CDC (Connected Device Configuration) CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration)

6 Profiles Layer A profiles layer is a set of Java Based API that extend the J2ME definition UI and presentation capabilities are generally defined at this layer EX: CLDC => MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) CDC => Personal Profile CDC => Foundation Profile

7 CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) Addresses  Java language and virtual machine features  Core Java Libraries  Input/Output  Networking  Security Not Addresses (but in MIDP)  User Interface functionality  Event handling  High-Level application model  Application life-cycle management …

8 CLDC API io  InputStream, OutputStream, Reader, Writer lang - No floating point support util  Calendar, Date, Hashtable, Random, Stack, TimeZone, Vector, Enumeration  Connection, Datagram, InputConnection, OutputConnection, Connector

9 MIDP API javax.microedition.midlet  (application management) javax.microedition.lcdui  High-level development Form, TextBox, List, Alert  Low-level development Canvas: Game applications will likely make heavy use of the javax.microedition.rms  RecordStore A record store consists of a collection of records which will remain persistent across multiple invocations of the MIDlet

10 MIDP API Tree View Displayable FormText BoxListAlertCanvas Command Date Field Image Text FieldString Item Ticker Choice Group

11 Third-party API XML Parser: KXML1.2, KXML2.0, Xparse-J 1.1... Web Services: KSOAP 1.2 Floating support: MathFP 2.06 … API must based on CLDC/CDC or MIDP

12 Programming the Palm – Part 1 Choice Development Environment  J2ME CLDC API Contains a subset of the standard J2SE classes  J2ME KJAVA API(J2ME1.0.3) GUI components Access the Palm database (PDB) Access to IR port  Kawt API(J2ME1.0.3) Rich GUI components  J2ME MIDP API Works on the top of CLDC Some GUI components

13 Programming the Palm – Part 2 Choice KVM or Java Virtual Machine Different KVM has different support  KVM (Support J2ME)  IBM J9 (Support J2ME and specific device’s API support) …

14 Programming the Palm – Part 3 Choice Development Toolkit J2ME Wireless Toolkit  Support Palm… IBM WebSphere ( Device Developer)  Support Palm, WinCE and other devices JBuilder 7,8 + MobileSet  Based on J2ME Wireless Toolkit …

15 XML Example Using KXML1.2 API

16 RMS Example

17 HTTP Connection Example

18 SOAP Example Using KSOAP API

19 Links /jw-j2me-index.shtml /jw-j2me-index.shtml

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