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Careers Centre Enhancing Students’ Employability through the use of ICT in a Cross-Medial approach to Career Development. Gill Barber: Senior Career Consultant.

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1 Careers Centre Enhancing Students’ Employability through the use of ICT in a Cross-Medial approach to Career Development. Gill Barber: Senior Career Consultant Susan Hawksworth : Senior Career Consultant

2 Origins of the module… 1997 : UK student numbers have doubled in previous 20 years Dearing Report: fall in real cost of unit funding for Higher Education of 40%puts more strain on support services. Subject-specific focus on the Environment encourages integrated Career Planning Module. Careers Centre already running a series of Careers- related workshops in Earth and Environment.

3 Origin of the module… Student feedback demonstrated a preference for more workshops. Feedback also showed a preference for fewer external speakers. Interactive, experiential learning gaining credibility across the University thanks to the Teaching and Learning Development Unit, centrally funded by the University following a government “pump priming” 3 year fully funded pilot scheme. Universities needed to be seen to be addressing the issue of graduate employability, identified by the Dearing Report.

4 Course structure Team Working Skills Development CV’s, Applications and Interviews – J2 Co Peer-assessed interview Mock Interview – conducted by Careers Centre staff, employers and academics. External speakers Skills Challenge

5 Learning outcomes Acquisition of knowledge in the use of observation exercises in career assessment Experience of completion of aptitude and psychometric tests Experience in completing graduate CV’s and application forms Practice in performing effectively at graduate job interviews Acquisition of knowledge about a range of careers Understanding of the specific and generic skills graduate recruiters expect from environmentalists Understanding of place of undergraduate studies in lifelong learning

6 Assessment Breakdown 10 credits (120 credits in each academic year) Written critique reflecting on the J2co Case Study, to include reflection on both application and interview performance, 1500 words: 30% Performance at interview, peer and examiner assessed: 30% Skills Competition: 40%

7 Skills Challenge The Process: Research an organisation. Identify what they are looking for in graduates. Best if the role is not discipline based

8 Skills Challenge The task: Identify how you, as an “Environment” student can evidence that you have those skills Draw upon your discipline and other experiences, e.g. work.

9 Skills Challenge Defend their analysis to academics, employers and Careers Centre Presenting “on their feet” “Why should I appoint you as an environment student rather than a Physics student?

10 Skills Challenge Ability to articulate the attributes of Environmental Studies graduates. Submission of a wide range of evidence drawn from learning experiences Ability to demonstrate a good understanding of the requirements of the organisation/company into the 21st Century. Ability to demonstrate a high level of creative communication to attract and hold the attention of the assessors, both visually and orally. Ability of individuals to justify the claims by personal illustration as well as group evidence.

11 Our focus today….. The Use of ICT in a Cross-Medial Approach to Career Development J2co Integrated approach Discipline- relevant element Career/Company Research Application simulation Interview simulation Assessed reflective critique

12 J2co: The Organisation A “virtual” company, with a dedicated website. International oil and petrochemicals giant Environmental and non-environmental graduate opportunities Charitable foundation Ethical concerns, linked to news releases On-line application form Interview for position student has chosen

13 The J2co website Let’s explore the pages together!

14 Group Work In pairs, thinking as if you were second year undergraduates: List the top 15 skills employers are looking for in the order of importance to the employer (Identified by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR)).

15 What Employers Want! Effective Communication Team Work Leadership Commercial awareness Ability to solve problems Self skills Flexibility and adaptability Analytical Skills Decision making skills Logical argument Numeracy Enquiry and research skills Imagination and creativity Use of IT Specialist Subject Knowledge

16 J2Co Assessment Mock interview Non-Verbal Communication Evidence of Research Use of Examples to support argument Ability to Self-Evaluate your performance Ability to “think on feet”

17 Issues Multi-tasking for the interviewers: highly people intensive Time required from academic staff and employers Resourcing: require extensive dedicated interview space Rigour: How to secure objective and consistent assessment from diverse assessors? Moderation vital.

18 J2Co: New Developments New Website for 2006 Peer assessed interviews: Experience as both the interviewer and interviewee

19 J2Co Assessment : de-brief To critically review your application. Review your application form – changes –why? Highlight good aspects and explain why? Respond to the points made by your interviewers on your application appraisal sheet. Critically review both of your interview performances. Which questions did you think you answered well? Why Which questions did you find difficult? Why? Include feedback, both positive and negative, from your interviewers. How do you think you could be better prepared for a “genuine” interview.

20 Outcomes Student feedback shows awareness of the benefits of the learning experience Generates preparedness and confidence to approach the recruitment process positively We do not know whether or not the module increases the employment rate of Leeds environmentalists because of the methodology prescribed by the British government for the collection of graduate destination statistics. We continue to deliver the module in the belief that it supplies the tool-kit for engagement when the graduate is ready to enter the marketplace.

21 Over to you……

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