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2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved D elivery N etwork A lliance A coalition of firms dedicated to reengineering Information Technology building.

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1 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved D elivery N etwork A lliance A coalition of firms dedicated to reengineering Information Technology building block structures to create solutions with maximum effectiveness and minimal disinvestment of current technology architecture assets.

2 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Agenda  Operating Concept  Alliance Overview  The Alliance Team  Statement of Commitment  Commitment to Process  Our Vision  Client Engagement Structure  Alliance Portfolio  Specialized Engineering Services  Standard Services  Business Development Outsourcing  Opportunity Facilitation  Program Management Program Management Discipline Best Practices – Business Driven Technology Initiatives Business Process Knowledge Capture and Transfer  Defining Solutions Architecture Solutions Architecture Definition Process  Systems Development & Integration Delivery  Technical Disciplines  Applications Outsourcing  Off-Shore Development  Corporate/Executive Security  Management Development  Organization Development  Media/Marketing/Branding

3 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved History of Success Highest Ethical Standards Program Management Best in Class Processes, Practices, and Tools Talented and Energized Employees Broad Portfolio of Products and Services Innovative Technologies Robust Research & Development Best of Breed Partners, Services, products, Lessons learned Operating Concept Right Solution Guarantees that the delivery team has committed the best people, best tools, best technical solution and best price to ensure a client meets its mission objectives One Team, One Goal Cummins Day 0 0 20 40 60 80 100

4 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Server Win/Intel Mac UNIX Intel/Win Mac UNIX Interoperability Availability  Over 2200 Professionals  40 locations across the United States, Europe and Asia  Growing International Network and connectivity support  Linked As One Services Organization  Leveraging Internal Capabilities in Support of Commercial and Public Sector Efforts Alliance Overview

5 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved ICM TimeTrade Systems IES, Ltd. Imphasis, LLC Clearbiz, LLC Indigo Technologies ESG SBI and Company RSystems The Alliance Cybermation Piazza Adv. HB Media BlueGranite OSSID

6 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved We are committed to process. Integrated Engineering Processes used on all initiatives are SEI-CMM Level-5 compliant. This yields higher quality products, lower lifecycle costs, reduces time for delivery, and provides for more repeatable processes and more predictable results. This commitment to process is well defined and documented; it spans all phases of the system lifecycle and can be tailored to meet the scope of any engagement. Statement of Commitment

7 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Integrated Process Teams Process Management Quality Assurance Configuration and Data Management Program Planning and Control Process/Product Compliance Assessments Standards and Conventions Baseline Management Requirements Traceability Change Management Multidiscipline Team with Customers and Suppliers Technical/Project Plans Tracking/Control Risk Assessment and Management Documented Processes Quality Goals and Metrics Defect Prevention/Lessons Learned Continuous Process Improvement Flexible Full Life Cycle (Customer Requirements Through Field Support) Disciplined Process System Development Commitment to Process

8 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved in a world where the network eventually becomes the computer, the service, itself, becomes the application…the application of the future will be nothing more than a “networked service” …we endeavor to become a new breed of service provider…a leading “networked service” provider…a provider of converged systems integration and outsourcing services…a global “virtual” netsourcer… …that can provide “integrated information on demand,” delivered as a service, allowing enterprises to manage any business process across any enterprise over any network via any device….from any location…. Our Vision

9 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Client Engagement Structure Client Indigo DNA Steering Committee Program Management Policies Standards & Quality Business Capture Financial Management Managed Applications Customer Relationship Management Engineering Mgmt & Org Development Computing Infrastructure Services Resource Management PR/Adv. & Branding Telecom

10 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Alliance Portfolio Computing Infrastructure Services Customer Relationship Management Engineering Services Managed Applications Consulting Services

11 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING : Measure, analyze, predict system performance throughout a program lifecycle so that performance requirements and associated risks can be identified and mitigated. BUSINESS PROCESS ENGINEERING: Business Process re-engineering data content and processing flows PROGRAM PLANNING AND CONTROL ENGINEERING: Preparation of project plans and scheduling Determines/monitors costs, budgets, schedules, manpower requirements Analyzes forecasts and cost control Bid & Proposal support Specialized Engineering Services INFORMATION SECURITY ENGINEERING: Security Requirements Definition Security Modeling Security Architectural Design and Analysis Firewall design and implementation Encryption Remote Access SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: Hardware/ Software / Data / Network analysis, design, and modeling capabilities and activities which satisfy system requirements and operational concepts in line with system constraints Infrastructure Architectural Design and Analysis Enterprise Architectural Design and Analysis Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

12 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved The Delivery Mechanism Knowledge Transfer Training Organizational Reskilling IT Outsourcing Data Center Desktop Management Application Development Systems Integration Data Warehousing Internet Electronic Commerce Object Oriented Technology Communication Services Telecom Video Data Distributed Computing Services Help Desk Asset Mgmt. Call Centers bringing together IT capabilities from around the Industry

13 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Indigo works with emerging companies, or divisions of large corporations that have a unique product or service, which can enhance the sales, marketing and/or operations of other companies. We also work with more established companies to identify and execute innovative external marketing and business development initiatives - by leveraging our resources and executing creative strategic alliances. Our partners are a unique blend of successful entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives with strong credentials in a number of industries. By forging strategic relationships with the Business Development organizations of our Alliance Partners, Indigo “unlocks the full value of DNA” by leveraging people, products, and services Our industry focus is on technology companies primarily, with sector focus on Federal Government, enterprise software, telecommunications, database management, Internet applications and infrastructure. We also work with media and consumer packaged goods companies. Business Development Outsourcing

14 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Indigo helps assess where the greatest opportunities lie and devises a strategy to build the most value through these relationships. We provide a direct link to decision makers within America's top companies through our vast network of contacts. We help our clients connect their product/service with these companies, negotiate the terms and close important transactions. We actually sell for our clients directly into these companies. We provide quality sales/sales strategy personnel with experience and a history of results. We will allow our clients to leverage speed to market based on our experience, contacts and resources. Indigo will deliver rapid results in top line revenue, customers and partnerships. Opportunity Facilitation

15 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Program Management SystemsProcessesSystemsProcessesProjectControlProjectControlLeadershipLeadership ProjectPlanningProjectPlanning Business Vision  Project Planning & Control Defines & measures cost & schedule baselines  Business Vision Objectives & priorities of all projects  System Processes Defines & controls technical baseline Integrated Through Experienced Leadership and Experience Based Techniques

16 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Program Management Discipline Programmatic Cost Expenditures Schedule & Critical Path Milestones/Control Gates Staffing Logistics Subcontractor Mgmt Vendor Management Training Contracts Configuration Mgmt Technical Control Best Practices Design Objectives Life Cycle Model Methodology Software Architectures Data Architecture Performance Models Metrics Tools Technical Review COTS Risk Management Technical Risk New Technologies Vendor Viability Schedule Risk Logistics Delays Resource Commitment Business Priorities Cost Risk Price Increases Resource Estimates Mgmt Commitment Process of Defining, Planning, Scheduling and Controlling Tasks to be Completed and the Allocation of Resources to Perform the Tasks...

17 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Business Drives the Technology Focus Best Practices – Business Driven Technology Initiatives Electronic Commerce Doing Business Electronically Common Business Processes Specific Business Processes Shared Services Business Drivers Best Practices Knowledge Management Technology Initiatives ERM, SC, CRM, COTS Legacy Shared Services Electronic Commerce Strategic Applications, Integration Technologies, Security Customer Intimacy “Friendly” Data Access Knowledge Management Data Engineering Security, Collaborative Computing, Data Warehouse Commercial Growth Standard Product, Services and Prices Product Catalog Applied Technology Application Technology Architecture Business Strategies Data Warehouse, Integration Technologies, Collaborative Computing, Data Modeling Operational Effectiveness Corporate Processes Knowledge Exchange

18 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Business Process Knowledge Capture and Transfer We use proven processes and methodologies to capture And communicate the viability of our client’s integrated business processes.

19 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Strategy Drives Structure as Structure Drives Strategy Business Execution Plan Information Technology Technical Plan Information Technology Strategic Plan Information Technology Architectural Framework (ITAF) Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Business Drivers Long Range Plans – Business Drivers, Markets, Products, Cost, Productivity Architecture Integration Framework, Technology Model Strategic Directions High Level Technology Drivers – ERP, EC, Security, etc. Technical Plan Infrastructure, Detailed Technology Roadmaps, Life Cycles Execution Plan Implementation Schedule, resources, affordability Business Execution Plan Business Execution Plan Business Execution Plan

20 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2413 Blueprint Solution Definition WorkFlow Approval Completed Solution Map Implementation Approach Risk Assessment Service Delivery Approach Org. Change Approach Contract & SLA PreparationService Agreement Phase NDA Work Flow Approval Project Plan Team Org. Chart Work Flow Approval Business Scenarios Target KPI Values Initial Customer Solution Map Solution Pricing Solutions Architecture Definition Process

21 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Infrastructure Development Application Solutions Development Enterprise Architecture Systems Operation & Maintenance Technology Management n-tier Architecture Open Systems Standards Integration Architecture Web Services COTS HW & SW Appl Arch System Design Appl Dev Data Mgmt Modeling / Simulation Integration & Test IT Infrastructure Client/ Server Data Centers Networks Deployment Info Assurance Systems Operations ADM Help Desk Break / Fix / Change / Add / Move Project Management Systems Integration Process Management Supplier Management Program Management Project Planning & Control Systems Engineering Configuration Management Integration Standards Systems Assurance Subcontractor Management SEI CMM Level 5 Processes Advanced Tech Tech Migration Future Standards Next-Generation Architectures Systems Development & Integration Delivery

22 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Technical Disciplines  SAP  PeopleSoft  Microsoft Business Solutions  Oracle  Lawson  JD Edwards  Siebel  TRILOGY  J2EE  XML  ColdFusion

23 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved  Centers for Software Excellence in Noida, Pune, and Chennai India  Quality Processes  ISO 9001-certified - 2000  CMM Level 5 - 2003  Existing dedicated links to the US  Secure and certified infrastructure  Service Offerings include:  Software Migration  Re-engineering, Conversion and Productivity Tools  System Porting and Rightsizing  Client/Server Application Development  Object-Oriented Programming  Design and Product Development  Maintenance and Customer Service Systems Development Outsourcing

24 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Incorporate business case  Ensure KPI’s are measured throughout  Use business case for scope/change control  Monitor project risk performance TRANSITION SERVICES  Develop business strategy  Identify business solution  Align solution with key process indicators (KPI’s)  Estimate total cost of ownership  Develop business case Transformation Management Transition Added value Manage Implement Improve Identify Define Added value TRANSFORMATION SERVICES  Assess baseline value for ongoing business performance  Measure business performance vs. industry best practices  Justify continuous business change  Realize continuous improvement Applications Management Outsourcing Methodology & Goals

25 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Corporate/Executive Security For those corporations and governments concerned with the personal security for their highly mobile senior executives, and the physical security of their buildings and transportation medium. These services are made available to Indigo clients who require discretion and security in high-risk situations both domestically and internationally.  Global Network of “Top Secret” Level Ex-military Special Operations (SPECOPS)/Intelligence Professionals  Deployment of advanced technology to better ensure your safety  Total discretion  Individually Tailored Services  Continually Updated Threat/Vulnerability and Assessment services available

26 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Management Development Discipline  Executive Leadership  Performance Coaching Conversations  Developing Leader Coaches  Creative Problem Solving  Team Leadership  Conflict Resolution  Team building  Team Coaching  Mentoring  Project Management  Executive Coaching  Coaching for business success LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TEAM DEVELOPMENT COACHING

27 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Organizational Development Discipline One Team, One Goal Large-Scale, Whole-system Change Practice Strategic Development and Talent Management Practice Organizational Alignment Practice Preferred Culture Practice

28 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Dedicated to Developing Global Business Leaders Business Organization Personal Team Professional Increase Self Awareness & Purpose Identify Personal Strengths and Developmental Areas Address Corporate Business Challenges Solve Personal Business Challenges Develop High Performing Team Skills Discover Leadership in a Team Setting Work on Core Business Competencies Develop Personal Development Plan Shape the Organizations Culture Address Organizational Issues Organizational Transformation Working at 5 levels

29 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved The Indigo Delivery Network Alliance (DNA) provides experienced professionals, proven best practices, expert support services and project management tools for Public and Private Sector opportunities. We achieve predictable, consistent success through:  The Use of sound estimating and implementation processes and tools;  Performing Risk Mitigation through solid technology, management and scope control;  Providing a complete solution with full End-to-End lifecycle support. We “Begin with the end in mind” by leveraging common process flows along with a high concentration on Performance Management Metrics. In Summary……

30 2003 Indigo Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Tom Harrell, CEO Indigo Technologies, Inc. Voice/Fax877.818.5157 Mobile202.425.5931 276 Capote Court West Severna Park, MD 21146 200 Association Drive Suite 200 Charleston, WV 25311

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