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CHS 382 Fundamentals of Health Education

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1 CHS 382 Fundamentals of Health Education
By: Iffat Elbarazi Lecturer KSU L 2- Sem,21429

2 Definition of Health Education
Process that involve influencing positively behaviour, attitudes, skills, knowledge, related to individuals, community, and group health It is a process that needs time, planning and focus on certain behaviour to promote health Green: he is any combination of learning experiences (methods, activities) designed to facilitate voluntary adaptations of behaviour conducive to health Other definitions mentioned self powering, empowerment, policy makers, self concept, self esteem,

3 Any combination of learning experiences designed to facilitate voluntary adoptions of behaviors conducive to health. Educate, motivate, refer, follow-up Complex health care system Targets: knowledge, attitudes, behaviors

4 Health Education Should work on 3 levels: Governmental: policies
Organizations: enact policies Individuals: practice healthy behaviour

5 Health Promotion Health Protection Prevention Health Education

6 Prevention Reducing injuries, illnesses, disabilities on three levels:
1- Primary 2- Secondary 3- Tertiary

7 The process of enabling people to increase control and to improve their health
Prerequisites; Shelter Education Food Income Stable ecosystem Resources Social justice

8 Five elements for HP By building health public policy
Create supportive environment Strengthen community action Develop personal skills Reorient health services Green: Combination of educational and environmental supports for action, conditions of living conducive to health: (social, political, economical, organizational, policies, regulations)

9 Is there a difference between health education and health promotion?
Health education: learner directed Health promotion: broader concept directed toward advocating health Individual and community education Environmental change Policy changes Economic changes Shifts in societal norms

10 Iffat Elbarazi (Lecturer) KSU) L3, SEM, 2--1429
CHS 382 Health Sciences Iffat Elbarazi (Lecturer) KSU) L3, SEM,

11 KNOWLEDGE Health education skills Theories of learning/ of HE Diseases
Patients and community needs Behavioural and psycho-social studies Health systems Program planning/ development

12 Learning Theory Rationale
Use of Theories to understand health in communities, better understanding of health issues and a tool for planning. Therefore building programs and implementing them become easier Theory is the driving force for the health promotion and disease prevention process

13 knowledge Theories of changing health behaviours;
Ecological theories: Interpersonal, community and Individual theories Framework: Social marketing, Preceed-Proceed model

14 1- Individual level theories:
Health belief model Stage of change Theory of reasoned action 2-Interpersonal Theories Special cognitive theory Expectations 3- Community level Theories Community organizations Innovation Organizational change

15 Framework models To plan health promotion and disease prevention activities, they share similar stages that must be followed: Social marketing framework: uses marketing concepts such as: Price, Product, promotion, and place to influence behavior The PRECEDE-PROCEED framework: planning process that empower individuals and communities to improve their quality of life

16 Ecological Theory Link multiple levels of influences to people’s health-A change in one can cause a change in another. Intrapersonal Groups and organizations Community we live in The media we are exposed The policies that shape our world In health promotion gathering data on all levels thought to be influencing a health concept.

17 Ecological theories Individual level theories: from psychology, look at cognitive characteristics of individuals Interpersonal-level theories: individuals relationships with others, how people interact and learn from others such as social theory or social cognitive theory Community level theories how community institutions such as schools, government influence health behaviour, it aims at changing environment to influence health

18 Individual theories: Health Belief model
health related behavior depend on 4 attitudes and beliefs: 1- Potential seriousness of illness 2- Feeling at risk of illness 3- Benefit they feel for taking preventive action 4-Barriers to taking action You can identify individual’s perception for these areas and use information to develop program to change these perceptions for positive health behavior

19 Individual Theories: Stages of Changes
Pre-contemplation Contemplation Action Maintenance Relapse

20 Individual theories: Theory of Reasoned Action
Person’s intention to perform a behavior depending on 2 factors: Attitude Influence of social environment or norm

21 Individual Theories: Theory of Planned behavior
Adds to the reasoned action the concept of perceived behavioral control: individual’s perception to perform of his/her ability to perform a behavior

22 Interpersonal Theories: Social Learning , Social cognitive:
Behavioral change is affected by environmental influences, personal factors & attribute of behavior itself Central concept: self efficacy and incentive to perform action Outcomes and expectations

23 Community Level Theory
Community organization: Locality Development, social planning, social action each suggest a different approach to influencing community environments Key Concept is empowerment of oneself and over one’s community Innovation theory: New products and social practices Organizational change: Srategies that increase chances for healthy policies and programs such as stage theory and organizational development

24 Approaches of Health Education And Promotion
Medical and preventive Behavioral changes Educational Empowerment Social change

25 Psychological theories of Learning
States that learning Involve three domains: Cognitive : Affective (attitudes & feelings) Psychomotor: skills

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