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Digital Video 1.

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1 Digital Video 1

2 Producing Digital Video
Video capture Involves digitizing an analog source Editing Linear editing Non-linear editing Playback The stored data must be fetched, processed, and converted to analog signals for video display and speakers 2

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Video
Scalable to different playback systems Random access to frames Nonlinear editing More playback options Potential for interactivity Disadvantages Special hardware/software needed for production High playback and storage requirements

4 Capturing Video Sequences
Frame Capture Analog color frames to sampled converted color video frames Digitizing Sampled converted color video frames to sampled digitized frames Compression Sampled digitized frames to compressed data

5 Digital Video The Entire Process Illustrated

6 Basic Desktop Video System
Analog source Camcorders, video tape players Video Capture Card Breakout box CPU Secondary storage Monitor Editing and Playback control Require software support

7 Properties of Digital Video
Frame rate Number of frames displayed in one second (fps) Full motion video at 24 fps Frame Size Number of horizontal and vertical pixels Color Resolution Number of bits used to represent color

8 Digital Video: Size Calculation
f = frame size ( width * height) r = frame rate (frames per second) c = color depth (in bytes) t = time in seconds Size of Digital Video = f * r * c * t

9 Calculation Example

10 Compression: Coping with Large Files
Compression is an encoding process that filters the original file in several successive stages 4

11 Other Methods for Reducing Demands
Frame rate adjustment adjusts for with slower CPUs helps keep video and audio synchronized Lower resolution on individual frames sometimes used in conjunction with smaller display window 5

12 Editing Digital Video Clip Logging Assembling Transitions dissolves
wipes, etc. Rotoscoping Compositing keying titling 9

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