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Creating and Integrating Effective Online Narrated Presentations Dr. Roger Von Holzen Ms. Darla Runyon Northwest Missouri State University.

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1 Creating and Integrating Effective Online Narrated Presentations Dr. Roger Von Holzen Ms. Darla Runyon Northwest Missouri State University

2 2 Rehashed Techniques Too often online courses are simply a rehash of traditional classroom lecture techniques Faculty frequently feel that instruction must follow delivery techniques used on campus Not necessarily true Often difficult to get faculty to change*

3 3 Rehashed Techniques Example: the use of PowerPoint presentations to deliver content Very useful in face-to-face settings For online students they are often ineffective learning tools The presentations contain insufficient information Have been poorly designed Often difficult to access using a 28.8 modem*

4 4 The Learning Strategy In the development of an online course Critical course content should be reflected within learning outcomes and assessment techniques Used as the basis for the construction of a course learning strategy*

5 5 The Learning Strategy Helps guide the instructional design of an online course The learning strategy should include the presentation of the critical content through multiple methods of delivery*

6 6 Design and Development Basic assumption at the design and development stage: Expect students to read the textbook Good textbook should cover 80-90% of course content Design and development are crucial to the successful delivery of the content*

7 7 Design and Development Critical content Needs to be enhanced for online delivery Should incorporate an assortment of delivery methods One of these methods is a narrated presentation Meets the needs of multiple learning modalities Read/write Visual Aural Kinesthetic*

8 8 Design and Development Main purpose of the online narrated presentation: Provides supplemental information that the textbook or reading materials and resources may not furnish Should aid the student in understanding the critical content*

9 9 Design and Development Select suitable format for content Outline Bulleted lists Short concise statements Graphics, diagrams, tables, or charts Sounds*

10 10 Design and Development Good organization makes information appear to be easier to understand Presentation should be punctuated with graphics and pictures Can play an important role in instruction Assists a learner in visualizing the content*

11 11 Visual Presentation - Graphics Before you use a graphic, understand why you are using the graphic Pictures - best for teaching about concrete ideas Diagrams, tables, charts and graphs - best for teaching abstract concepts and relationships*

12 12 Visual Presentation - Color Use limited color schemes Maintain high contrast between text and background Work with bright and/or dark colors*

13 13 Visual Presentation - Text No more than two fonts on a slide Select a font that is easy to read Use uppercase letters, italics, underlining, different fonts only for emphasis Use a larger type size for slide headings*

14 14 Creating the Template PowerPoint provides wide variety of color templates Slide background should relate to topic Should not distract from the text Should not interfere with reading the text*

15 15 Transitions and Builds Do not use transitions and builds in PowerPoint presentations that are to be streamed*

16 16 Designing the Layout of the Specific Slides Slide headings should convey topic Major and minor points presented below heading Short phrases not statements Keep “white space” to the right and bottom sections of a slide*

17 17 Real Networks’ RealPresenter A powerful tool to assist in the creation of effective PowerPoint presentations Allows an instructor to enhance presentations by adding voice-over narrations File format compressed for online delivery Requires streaming server*

18 18 Audio Slideshows Audio lectures should highlight important points tied to the course units/modules The PowerPoint slides should provide a visual complement to the audio The slides should combine visuals with text The presentation should last no longer than 10 to 15 minutes*

19 19 Pace of Presentation When creating an audio lecture, you should speak faster than you typically do in a normal conversation Slow enough for viewer to attend and comprehend Rapid enough so the viewer does not lose interest 15 to 30 seconds per slide is a good pace with a 5 second pause between slides to allow for buffering time Bring in personality of the instructor*

20 20 Presentation Techniques Three to five different lecture techniques should be employed in a typical audio lecture Stories Anecdotes Music Examples Various voice levels Audio skits Guest expert quotes*

21 21 Presentation Integration Narrated presentations can be integrated into the course site in a variety of ways Courseware management systems provide several instructional technology tools for integration of content: discussion boards journals chats short surveys or assessments*

22 22 Presentation Integration

23 23 Presentation Integration

24 24 Presentation Integration

25 25 Tegrity Allows the instructor to post a PowerPoint presentation to the Web while simultaneously incorporating interactive concepts and activities within the presentation of the content Provides: a streaming display of a PowerPoint presentation whiteboard annotations document camera images audio and video of a presentation*

26 26 Tegrity The system has screen recording capabilities for software tutorials and web site tours Easy to narrate and record cursor movements, clicks, highlights, and underlines on any application running on the Web Learner Studio Interactive hot spots can be embedded to provide instant feedback to the students*

27 27 Tegrity External links can be listed with the presentation Templates for questions and assignment information may be incorporated Recorded presentations can be incorporated into the online course site*

28 Center for Information Technology in Education Northwest Missouri State University Dr. Roger Von Holzen, Director Ms. Darla Runyon Assistant Director/Curriculum Design Specialist

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