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ECE 442 Power Electronics Text:

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1 ECE 442 Power Electronics Text:
Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications Third Edition by Muhammed H. Rashid Pearson Prentice-Hall

2 Power Semiconductor Devices
Diodes Transistors Power BJTs Power MOSFETs Insulated-Gate BJT IGBT Static Induction Transistors SITs Thyristors Force-Commutated Line-Commutated Gate Turn Off--GTO Reverse-Conducting RCT Gate-Assisted Turn-off GATI

3 Thyristor/Triac

4 Power Electronic Circuits
Diode Rectifiers (AC to Fixed DC) AC-DC Converters (Controlled Rectifiers) AC-AC Converters (AC Voltage Controllers) DC-DC Converters (DC Choppers) DC-AC Converters (Inverters) Static Switches

5 Single-Phase Diode Rectifier

6 Single-Phase Diode Rectifier

7 Source and Output Voltages

8 Single-Phase AC-DC Converter

9 Single-Phase AC-DC Converter

10 Load Voltage

11 Single-Phase AC-AC Converter

12 Single-Phase AC-AC Converter


14 DC-DC Converter

15 DC-DC Converter

16 24V-12V Converter Output Voltage

17 Single-Phase DC-AC Converter

18 Single-Phase DC-AC Converter

19 Load and Transistor Voltages




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