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Assignment 2.1 Oscar Madrigal Lili De la Cruz Ashley Newton Carrie Flanagan.

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1 Assignment 2.1 Oscar Madrigal Lili De la Cruz Ashley Newton Carrie Flanagan

2 SHARED CALENDAR -A shared calendar is a useful tool in a professional setting such as, a business firm. - It allows for easy access for your peers - - Helps organize meetings and your availability with others - Information obtained from gmail

3 WHITE PAPER - Used for an official document, such as, government papers and other important documents - - Used to educate personnel and make better judgments - Information retrieved from zdnet

4 Skype - A free software program that allows the individual to chat, video chat and even call landlines (for a fee). - Information retrieved from

5 PodCasts A podcast is a series of digital media files either video or audio that is released and downloaded through the web to your own personal computer. The delivery method is what makes podcast different from other ways of accessing media online such as downloads or webcast. For example, iTunes, Zune or Juice. With many different podcast available out there, learners can listen to the tunes they like before downloading them to there device. Information gathered from wikipedia

6 Webcasts A webcast is a media file distributed online using media technology. Webcast may be distributed live or on demand. Generally, webcasting is “Broadcasting” online also known for “transmission of audio/ video content online”. Information from Wikipedia

7 Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to have an account and communicate with others. Twitter is useful because it allows people to share their status and check out what others are doing. Is also useful because is a way that you can communicate with your friends, family members and co-workers. Information retrieved from Twitter

8 Is a computer USB device that allows you to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the United States and Canada. It is the size a credit card and plugs into the USB portion of a laptop. Magic Jack costs $40-45.00 and includes: free voicemail free caller ID free call waiting enhanced 911 emergency call Information retrieved from Best Buy

9 Blogs are useful because you can keep it like a personal diary or it can be a public blog for everyone to see. Blogs can include descriptions of different events and comments. Blogs can be used as a free write for any website. You can also add pictures, videos and music that can represent different things you have on your blog. Information retrieved from Wikipedia

10 The End

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