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TC2-Computer Literacy Mr. Sencer February 4, 2010.

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1 TC2-Computer Literacy Mr. Sencer February 4, 2010

2 What is a network? A network is a collection of computers and devices connected together, sometimes wirelessly, via communications devices. When a computer connects to a network, it is now considered to be online.

3 What are some benefits of Networks? Networks allow computers to share resources, such as hardware, software, data, and information. Sharing resources saves time and money. In many networks, one or more computers act as a server. Servers control access to the resources on the network. Clients are the other computers on the network, sometimes called a workstation, request resources from the server.

4 Typical Network

5 What's the difference between a client and a server? The major difference between a client and a server are that a server ordinarily has more power, more storage space, and expanded communications capabilities.

6 Networks Home networks usually are small, existing within a single structure. Business and school networks can be small, such as in a room or building, or widespread, connecting computers across a city, country, or the globe. The world’s largest computer network is the Internet.

7 The Internet What is the Internet? The Internet is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of computers and devices around the world. More than one billion people use the internet daily around the world. What do you use the internet for daily?

8 The Internet – Graphically

9 The Internet People also connect to the internet to share information as well. E-Mail allows for instant communication, it has replaced what is now known as SNAIL mail. Instant Messaging you can have live conversations with other connected users. Using chats in Instant messaging you have group discussions just like face to face. Telephony Applications exist on the internet where you can make phone calls through the Internet. Do you know of any programs that allow telephony?

10 Accessing the Internet Companies known as access providers offer access to the Internet usually at a monthly fee but sometimes do provide access for free. When subscribing to an access provider, the access provider will give you some type of communications device to connect to the many services of the Internet.

11 The Web The Web a.k.a. the World Wide Web The Web is the most popular service on the Internet. The Web is considered to be similar to a global library where the information is available to anyone connected to the Internet.

12 The Web Documents on the Web What are they called? Web Pages, the web contains billions of Web pages. Each Web page can contain text, graphics, audio, video and animations. Web pages usually have connections, and links to other documents, files or other web pages known as web sites. What really is a web site? A website is a collection related web pages.

13 The Web Many people use the Web as a way to share personal information, photos, and videos with the world. For example, you can create a Web page and then make it available, or publish it, on the Internet for others to see You also can join the millions of people worldwide in an online community, called a social networking Web site or an online social network, that encourages members to share their interests, ideas, stories, photos, music, and videos with other registered users.

14 Social Networking Some social networking Web sites are college oriented, some business oriented, and others are more focused. For example, a photo sharing community, is a specific type of social networking Web site that allows users to create an online photo album to store and share their digital photos. Similarly, a video sharing community is a type of social networking Web site that allows users to store and share their personal videos. What are some social networking sites that you have visited recently?

15 Blogs What is a blogs? A blog is an informal Web site consisting of timestamped articles in a diary or journal format, usually listed in reverse chronological order. Which website do you use most for blogging with?

16 Media on the Web Podcasts are a popular way people are sharing information on the Web that is beginning to catch on. What is a podcast? A podcast is recorded audio stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to your. A video podcast is a podcast that contains video and usually audio.

17 Web Application What is a web application? A Web application is a Web site that allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet. What are some examples? Examples of software available as Web applications include those that allow you to send and receive e-mail messages, organize digital photos, create documents, and play games.

18 Web 2.0 Web sites such as social networking Web sites, blogs, and Web applications are categorized as Web 2.0 sites. What is Web 2.0 ? Web 2.0 refers to Web sites that provide a means for users to share personal information, such as social networking Web sites, allow users to modify the Web site contents (such as blogs), and/or have software built into the site for users to access.

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