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Mani-CS34311 CS3431 – Database Systems I Logistics Instructor: Murali Mani

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1 Mani-CS34311 CS3431 – Database Systems I Logistics Instructor: Murali Mani

2 Mani-CS34312 What will we learn in this course? Database Design Represent application requirements in conceptual model (ER, Entity Relationship Model) Translate an ER schema to relational schema Analyze ‘goodness’ of schema using normalization theory. Operations for Relational Model Relational Algebra (fundamental) SQL: Standard Query Language Database Application Development Programming interfaces, Connections Advanced Database Features Stored procedures, views, constraints, etc Brief study of indexes, transactions, logging, security

3 Mani-CS34313 Textbook First Course in Database Systems, Jeffrey D. Ullman and Jennifer D. Widom, Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-035300-0 Database Systems: The Complete Book; Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman and Jennifer D. Widom; Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-031995-3 Oracle9i Programming: A Primer, (or, 10g) ; Rajshekhar Sunderraman, Addison-Wesley

4 Mani-CS34314 Course Logistics Web Page: Lectures M, T, R, F : (10am-10:50am) Lectures, discussion of examples, projects, H/Ws Grading H/W assignments (4 or 5): 10% Projects (in 3 phases): 25% Exams : mid term (Feb 2) + final (Mar 1) : 60% Class participation: 5%

5 Mani-CS34315 Course Management + lecture overheads + homework assignments + project due dates + any other handouts/material on mywpi (limited) on mywpi (limited) + discussion boards (discuss among fellow students) + viewing of grades

6 Mani-CS34316 Contact and Communication

7 Mani-CS34317 Office Hours Are posted on the course web page – at least one each day and at different times in day. Make use of them– they are there for YOU ! May schedule additional office hours, if need arises and you ask for them.

8 Mani-CS34318 H/Ws and Projects H/Ws due dates announced with assignment Individual effort (to assure you practice the material) Project will be done in multiple phases Team effort (to collaborate to produce quality). A full cycle from project idea, design, development to final polished project presentation ! Multiple phases to get our feedback and to pace yourself! Late submissions Marks for late submissions will not count. However we will be happy to grade them, if you ask us to.

9 Mani-CS34319 Tips for doing well Exams Master the topics (reading, attend lectures, homework) Master the topics on time Project Ensure that you are on schedule Teamwork counts Additional investigations can get additional points.

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