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CSET 3300: Database-Driven Web Applications Spring 2010 William Acosta URL:

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1 CSET 3300: Database-Driven Web Applications Spring 2010 William Acosta Email: URL:

2 Introduction Instructor – William Acosta 1624 North Engineering 419.530.3896 Office Hours (except this week) : – Tues. & Weds. 9:30 – 11:00am – Thurs. 3:30 – 5:00pm – or by Appointment 2EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture

3 Topics Covered Database Fundamentals – Architecture & Design – Entity Relationships – Relational Models – Query Languages (SQL) PHP – Basic PHP – Communicating with a database EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture3

4 Prerequisites You should have a good background programming You should have a good background in some programming language (e.g., Java, Perl, PHP, C, Python, Ruby, etc.) You should be comfortable with UNIX operating system commands and accessing remote servers (e.g., SSH and SCP) EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture4

5 Resources Textbooks – Database Systems: The Complete Book 2 nd edition by Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom, Pearson/Prentice Hall – Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL 2 nd edition by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane, O'Reilly Publishers Course web page – EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture5

6 Grade Breakdown Homework/Programming Assignments45% Quizzes10% Midterm Exam20% Final Exam25% EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture6

7 Grade Breakdown – Cont. EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture7 >= 90%A- to A >= 80% to < 90%B- to B+ >= 70% to < 80%C- to C+ >= 60% to < 70%D- to D+ < 60%F

8 Attendance Policy Attendance is mandatory You are responsible for ALL class material Only UNAVOIDABLE absences will be excused EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture8

9 Late Assignment Policy I will not accept any late work unless there is a reasonable excuse – Do not wait until the last minute to do your assignments – Turn in all your assignments!!! EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture9

10 Grading Policy Re-evaluating grades – Generally will only re-evaluate for arithmetic etc. errors. – Partial credit: NFL Video Review Penalty Principle Written statement indicating why & how many points you think you deserve If I agree, you will up to that many points If I disagree, I will take away that many points from your original score! EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture10

11 Academic Integrity Don’t cheat! Collaboration is acceptable – You must acknowledge anyone with whom you collaborated – You must cite any external sources (books, papers, how-to's, etc.) used to complete an assignment – Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture11

12 Miscellaneous No Cell Phones – Texting, checking email, making/receiving calls etc. – If you absolutely need to receive a call, inform me before class starts Accessibility – I will adhere to the university’s policy on accessibility EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture12

13 Acknowledgements This course’s policy rules were adopted from the following people: – Prof. Carla Ellis @ Duke – Prof. Amin Vahdat @ UCSD – Prof. Surendar Chandra @ Notre Dame. EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture13

14 Assignment Read Chapter 1 & 2 (Database Systems Book) EET 4250: Microcomputer Architecture14

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