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FINAL PRESENTATION DG507 Value Propositioning

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1 FINAL PRESENTATION DG507 Value Propositioning
Assigners : dr. Y. Lu | P.H. den Ouden Group 1: Martijn Bodde | Jelle Dekker | Zehao Cui

2 Concept Cycling Cloth Speed input Movement & Color light output
Safety & challenge Link:



5 Target Consumer Sportive cyclers who care about safety
who are interested in measuring and showing their speed. Aging from 18 to 45. +Consumers of existing cycling wears.


7 Consumer Insights


9 ! Reasons to believe Fulfill need Proof Technical evidence
Maintain safety and challenging at the same time during cycling sport. Proof The jacket shows the speed that a cycler goes, which is noticed by both cyclers and others around. The base lights are served as a sign to catch others attention. Technical evidence LEDs + light transmitting fibers


11 Benefits “Something Bigger”, Value Emotional Benefits
Helps me with physical and metal condition Emotional Benefits Feels Safe - Self- Confidence – Self satisfaction - positive lifestyle - Feels strong & fulfilled – Less stress Functional Benefits Draw attentions – Show speed Protection – Comfortable during the activity- Appearance – Impress – Stay healthy Functional Attributes Lighting– Speed – Clothing – Fits – Flexible – Power – Cycle – Traffic Indicator – Textile – Sport


13 Competitive Environment

14 Discriminator


16 Thank You !

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