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Bible Blitz Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler.

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2 Bible Blitz Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler

3 Catholic Epistles James 1 Peter 2 Peter 1 John 2 John 3 John Jude Deacon Norm Fr. Ed

4 The Letter of James Probably written in the early to middle sixties after Paul’s teaching on faith and works. The writer is not identified as an Apostle. Leader of the Jewish community in Jerusalem.

5 Probably a relative of Jesus who is identified as a “Brother.” (see Mk 3:31-35) Addressed to the twelve tribes (People of Israel in the dispersion (Diaspora: non-Palestinian Jews)). It is also meant for Jewish Christian Churches everywhere. Its genre is one of parenesis or exhortation with ethical conduct.

6 Ch 1:12-15Urges perseverance in times of temptation Ch 2:14-26Faith and works Ch 5:13-20Prayer, confession, intercession, conversion of sinners

7 First Letter of Peter Date and authorship are uncertain. Could be early 60’s to the end of the 1 st century. Author could be Peter or his secretary Sylvanus, a later disciple of Peter. The problem addressed is how to live a Christian life in a pagan and Even hostile environment.

8 Ch 1:1Name the five provinces that the letter is addressed to. Ch 1:13-16The key to Christian living. Ch 2:9-10The new Chosen People (Read note in NAB). Ch 3:13-17Suffering

9 Second Letter of Peter Modern scholars generally agree that this is a pseudonymous work: Literary conventions of the time attributing a work to another person. Concerns expressed: The divine authenticity of Christ’s teaching; Christian conduct; false teachers

10 Ch 1:3-11The Christian life Ch 3:8-10The Parousia Ch 3: 14-16Distortions of Scripture (If time permits) The Bible: where is it?

11 1 John ~ 90 – 100 A. D. Purpose 1. To correct false ideas of Jesus, i.e., the denial of His divinity and humanity and the Incarnation 2. To respond to “fallen aways” who were trying to make Christianity intellectually respectable 3. To renew Christian fervor

12 Heresies 1.Jesus is not the messiah, the Christ 2.There was no Incarnation 3.Docetism (Seemism); Cerinthus

13 Christian Truths Jesus is God (Son of God) Jesus is eternal Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ Jesus is the expiation for our sins Jesus is the Savior of the World Jesus is the incarnate God

14 Chapter 1 We have heard, seen, and touched Christ our God and our forgiver

15 Chapter 2 If we sin, Jesus expiates our sins Know Jesus; keep His Commands Your sins have been forgiven Many antichrists Hold onto your beginnings

16 Chapter 3 Children of God Avoid sin Love one another Believe in Jesus Keep His commandments

17 Chapter 4 Test the Spirits God’s love

18 Chapter 5 Victory; Obedience of Faith in Jesus Water and Blood Pray for Sinners

19 2 John and 3 John ~ 90 – 100 A.D. Topics Gospel truth; Christology; mutual love; antichrist; integrity of Christian witness

20 2 John “The Presbyter (Elder – Leader) to the chosen (elect) lady and to her children” 3 John “The Presbyter (Elder – Leader) to the beloved Gaius whom I love in truth.”

21 2 John I rejoiced in good Christians Love one another Deceivers – Antichrists “Progressives” – heretics – Avoid!

22 3 John I rejoiced – working in the truth Support missionaries Diotrephes Imitate good people – Demetrius See ya!

23 Jude ~ 80 A.D. Relative of Jesus; Brother of James Purpose: To warn readers against false teachers; intruders who pervert God’s grace into licentiousness; defile the flesh; deny Christ

24 St. Michael and the devil argued over who shall bury the body of Moses. Famous Doxology (24,25)

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