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Marketing through Sports Using Mainstream Strategies

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1 Marketing through Sports Using Mainstream Strategies
Chapter 3 Marketing through Sports Using Mainstream Strategies McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2010 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Sports Overlay or Platform
Using Strategic Initiatives to Integrate Sports in Order to Create a Sports Theme or to Reach One’s Designated Target Markets More Effectively

3 Traditional Strategies
Employing Target Market and Marketing Mix Initiatives to Achieve that Sports Overlay

4 Mainstream Strategies
Using Traditional Strategies in an Effort to Sell Nonsports Products Mainstream Strategies Are Not Based upon Any Official Sponsorship-Based Relationship with a Sports Entity

5 Nonsports Products Examples of Nonsports Products Often Marketed Using a Sports Platform Cars (Volvo) Beer (Fosters) Colas (Coca-Cola) Watches (Swatch) Fast Food (McDonald’s)

6 Mainstream Strategies
Nonsports Products Using Traditional Elements of Marketing Strategy Target Market – Car ad in Golf for Women Product – Clothing with sports design Distribution – Restaurant at sports arena Price – Discounts for bar patrons in uniforms Promotion – Ad featuring a sports setting

7 Target Market Access Segment the Market
Select Appropriate Target Markets Identify Relevant Target Markets that Can Be Reached Via a Sports Platform

8 Target Marketing Applications Using Mainstream Strategies
Advertising beer during a TV broadcast of a football or rugby game Luxury automobile marketer featuring golf in its brochures that promote its cars Marketer of an energy drink using outdoor advertising along a marathon race route

9 Incorporating Pricing Decisions in a Mainstream Strategy
Marketer Offers Discounts to Venue Operators in Order to Have its Food or Beverage Products Sold There Hospitality Industry (restaurants & hotels) Providing Discount Prices for Certain Categories of Athletes or Fans

10 Incorporating Product Decisions in a Mainstream Strategy
Packaging Featuring Sports Images Sports Bar Showing Sports Events on TVs Hospitality Package Featuring Tickets to a Sports Event (selling hotel rooms) Credit Card Company Providing Special Access to Tickets for Sports Events University Offering a Course/Degree in Sports Marketing

11 Incorporating Place Decisions in a Mainstream Strategy
Marketer Selling Its Goods and Services at a Sports Venue (Stadium, Arena, etc.) Marketer Selling Its Nonsports Products at A Retail Store Specializing in Sporting Goods Intensifying Regional Efforts Where a Sport is Popular

12 Incorporating Promotion Decisions in a Mainstream Strategy
Traditional Promotional Mix Components Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations / Publicity Excludes Sponsorship; Sponsorship would Represent a Domain-Focused Strategy

13 Incorporating Promotion Decisions in a Mainstream Strategy
Emerging Promotional Tools that Can Be Used to Create a Sports Platform for the Marketing of Nonsports Products Product Placement Virtual Advertising Hospitality Internet

14 Using Advertising in a Mainstream Strategy
Advertise during the Super Bowl Advertise in a Sports Magazine Creative Aspect of Ad Features Actors in Sports Setting Advertise on “Sports Talk Radio” Advertise on Dorna Boards at Sports Venue

15 Using Personal Selling in a Mainstream Strategy
Salesperson Providing Tickets for a Sports Event to Customers and Prospects Conducting Business on the Golf Course

16 Using Sales Promotion in a Mainstream Strategy
Specialty Advertising – Calendar Featuring Marketer’s Logo and a Team’s Schedule Coupons – Discount Sent Via Direct Mail (i.e. the Coupon Features a Sports Graphic) Free Sample – Distribute at Sports Venue Consumer Expo – Display at Golf Show

17 Using Sales Promotion in a Mainstream Strategy (cont’d)
Customer Loyalty Program – Credit Cards that Accumulate Points for Benefits Contests – Chance to Win Event Tickets Point-of-Sale (POS) Display – Signage that Features a Sports Theme at a Super Market Premiums – Sports-Oriented Giveaways

18 Using Public Relations/Publicity in a Mainstream Strategy
Objective of PR is the Dissemination of Positive Publicity through the Media Aligning with Sport for a Charitable Cause Press Release Regarding Marketer’s Support of a Local Athlete

19 Emerging Promotional Strategies
Product Placement – Product Featured in a Movie or TV Program Where Brand is Identifiable Virtual Advertising – Computer-Generated Signage Displayed on the Field of Play during a Televised Broadcast – Internet – Advertise on a Sports Web Site – see Hospitality – Staff a Tent at a Golf Tournament

20 Closing Capsule Many Marketing Efforts for Nonsports Product Attempt to Influence Consumer Purchase Behavior by Incorporating a Sports Platform (or Overlay) Mainstream Strategies Involve the Use of the Traditional Elements of Marketing Strategy – Target Markets & the Marketing Mix – to sell Nonsports Products

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