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Microsoft ® Visual Studio ®.NET 2003 Tools to Power Your Vision.

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2 Microsoft ® Visual Studio ®.NET 2003 Tools to Power Your Vision

3 Agenda Revisit Visual Studio.NET 2002 Microsoft ®.NET Framework 1.1 and Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2003 Building connected applications Developer productivity Features for the enterprise Visual Studio.NET ecosystem

4 Building Connected Applications Servers Experiences and solutions Clients Services Tools Software for Connecting Information, People, Systems and Devices Web Services across the Entire Microsoft Platform

5 Visual Studio.NET 2002.NET Framework 1.0 Simplified deployment All languages under one roof All application types under one roof Single development paradigm Language enhancements Enterprise lifecycle support ACT, Enterprise templates, Microsoft ® Visio ®, etc.

6 .NET Framework Platform and Tools Operating system Common language runtime Base class library ADO.NET and XML ASP.NET Web forms Web services WindowsForms Common language specification Visual Basic ® Basic ® C++C#J#… Visual Studio.NET

7 .NET Framework version 1.1 Increased scalability and performance Side-by-side execution with.NET Framework 1.0 Enables no-touch deployment from the Internet Code access security for ASP.NET ASP.NET Mobile Controls Native support for ODBC and Oracle DB 7i and 8i IPv6.NET Framework version 1.1 included with Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2003

8 .NET Framework applications Win32 applications UNIX applications Application management services Networking services Web services Securityservices File sharing services Processing resources Network resources Storage resources Framework Win32 APIs POSIX* Framework Win32 APIs POSIX* Terminal services Enterprise Management Directory services Platform Infrastructure Development of distributed, scalable, available servicesDevelopment of distributed, scalable, available services Deployment across a “pool” of cost- effective resourcesDeployment across a “pool” of cost- effective resources Automatically operate for service availability and capacityAutomatically operate for service availability and capacity * Via Interix subsytem found in Services for UNIX 3.0 add-on Helping you build, deploy, and manage Web services, Microsoft ® Win32 ® applications, UNIX applications and remote desktop applications Windows Server 2003 Application Platform

9 Windows Server 2003 with.NET Framework 1.1 - application server errors beyond

10 ASP.NET Mobile Controls Building Connected Applications Mobile Development Mobile Web Pages Local Code.NET Compact Framework Device operating system Mobile Web browser Smart Device Programmability

11 Building Connected Applications Web Services Enhancements (WSE) WS-I: Web service interoperability Industry organization: Microsoft, IBM, Intel… Industry standard specifications Security (WS-Security) Transactions (WS-Transaction) Routing (WS-Routing) More in the future WSE: Microsoft implementation of WS-I Enhancements to ASP.NET Web services Develop using Visual Studio.NET 2003

12 Web Service Enhancements

13 Developer Productivity Increased IDE Performance Startup time reduced Now using a native control Improved IntelliSense ® Dynamic help faster Object browser faster Code editor drop-down menus faster Noticeable when file contains many methods and objects

14 Developer Productivity Upgrading Applications Run multiple version of Visual Studio side-by-side: Visual Studio 6.0 Visual Studio.NET 2002 Visual Studio.NET 2003 Upgrade from Visual Studio.NET 2002 to Visual Studio.NET 2003 Only the project files are updated Doesn’t change any of your source files Application configuration

15 Developer Productivity Microsoft ® Visual Basic ® 6.0 Upgrading Form layout ActiveX ® controls ADO binding RES files Code COM libraries User controls Web classes

16 J# Developer Productivity Microsoft ® Visual J++ ® and Java Upgrading Visual J++ Project Other Java- language source C# Java Language Conversion Assistant.class files.exe.dll Jblmp.exe

17 Upgrading to Visual Studio.NET 2003

18 Developer Productivity Productivity Enhancements Enhanced “Add Web Reference” dialog Code editor enhancements New components Debugging enhancements Designer enhancements Schema designer zoom Mobile Web form designer Integrated community search

19 Developer Productivity Languages Visual Basic.NET Fully object-oriented Free threading, structured exception handling Host Visual Basic 6.0 controls in Windows Forms applications Improved IntelliSense and debugger Variable declaration in loops Bitshift operators Mobile applications Microsoft ® Visual C++ ®.NET Managed extensions for C++ ISO C++ conformance Windows Forms designer Enhanced floating point and performance optimizations P4 targeting Note: Items in green are new in Visual Studio.NET 2003

20 Developer Productivity Languages Microsoft ® Visual C# ®.NET (new in 2002) Component-oriented, type-safe Improved IntelliSense Custom build steps Code insertion for common tasks Mobile applications Microsoft ® Visual J# ™.NET Java-language syntax Full integration with Visual Studio.NET Easy way to move Java-language skills, code to the.NET Framework Full access to the.NET Framework Note: Items in green are new in Visual Studio.NET 2003

21 Productivity and Language Enhancements

22 Features for the Enterprise Microsoft ® Visual SourceSafe ® Integrated source code control supported in Visual Studio.NET 2002 and Visual Studio.NET 2003 Application Center Test Tool for stress-testing Web services and Web applications Enterprise Templates and Policies Provides structure and guidance Reduces complexity Enterprise Instrumentation Framework Integrated application instrumentation, tracing, and management Microsoft Visio Application modeling using UML Conceptual, logical, and physical database modeling Business process modeling with Microsoft ® BizTalk ® Orchestration Designer Code Obfuscation

23 Features for the Enterprise

24 Empowerment Through Ecosystem Partners and community 150+ VSIPs and component vendors, 300+ tools Community room, newsgroups.NET Code Wise Community Third-party.NET community “influentials” Online communities reach 4.5M user sessions/month Authors, publishers, trainers, speakers INETA (International.NET Association) 200+ International.NET user groups worldwide representing 66,000 members 700+ MSDN user groups

25 Visual Studio.NET MSDN ® subscriptions The Way to Get Visual Studio.NET $29 Upgrade

26 Resources for Visual Studio.NET 2003 New.NET Framework certifications MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) Self-paced/book resources for Visual Studio.NET 2003 Over 70 books covering every facet of the technology MCAD and MCSD training kits

27 Summary Visual Studio.NET 2003 and the.NET Framework version 1.1 Building connected applications Increased scalability and performance More “in the box” More project types and languages Web services enhancements Improved product upgrading support Developer productivity enhancements Language enhancements

28 © 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, the Windows logo, Visual Studio, the Visual Studio logo, BizTalk, Visual SourceSafe, Visio, IntelliSense, Visual Basic, Visual J++, Visual C++, and Visual C# are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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