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Microsoft.Net Technology Sachin Shetty Vimal Amin Thomas Mullasaril Vinutna Pulavarti Software Engineering CS616 Instructor:Dr.Tappert.

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1 Microsoft.Net Technology Sachin Shetty Vimal Amin Thomas Mullasaril Vinutna Pulavarti Software Engineering CS616 Instructor:Dr.Tappert

2 Microsoft Vision Empower people Empower people through great software, any time, any place, and on any device. through great software, any time, any place, and on any device.

3  What is  What is the Framework?  Definition Framework  Elements contained in the Microsoft.NET framework  Common Language Runtime (CLR)    Visual  C# Microsoft.NET Topics

4 Topics Continued  Why use Microsoft’ technology?  How can the technology be applied to Software Engineering?  Conclusion  Web Resources

5 What is  Product Overview (From Microsoft)  Microsoft.NET is a comprehensive family of product built on industry and Internet standards that provide for each aspect of developing, managing, using and experiencing XML services.  Formal Definition .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies that connect information, people, systems, and devices, generally via the Web.

6 What is  Formal Definition (Continued)  There are four categories into which Microsoft.NET technologies are included:  1. Smart Clients - Smart phones, PDAs, Smart Appliances  2. Web Services – UDDI, SOAP  3. Servers - NET Standard Server,.NET Web Server, Windows Server 2003  4. Development Tools – Visual,,  Microsoft.NET connects IT Professionals to a large variety of personalized.NET experiences, using industry standards and technologies in the.NET framework

7 What is the.Net Framework ?  The.Net framework is an integral Windows component that supports building and running applications and XML web services developed within environment.  Net framework works much like the java J2EE .Net framework includes  Common Language Runtime (CLR)  Visual .net Framework Classes (Class Libraries)    Support for up to 20 OO, Markup, and Scripting Languages

8 Common Language Specification System.Web Windows Application Services DrawingControls ASP.NET Application Services Web FormsWeb Services System.WinForms Data and System Base Classes Service ProcessSecurityNetIO ThreadingSQLXMLADO.NET Security EngineThread SupportException Handler Common Language Runtime IL to Native CompilerType SystemGarbage Collector Microsoft.Net Framework

9 Common Language Runtime  The CLR provides a run-time environment that manages the execution of code and provides services.  Provides deep cross-language interoperability between programming languages and handles exceptions across languages.  Improves programs in Performance, Scalability, and Availability.

10 Visual Studio.NET  IDE that has a complete set of development tools for building desktop applications, ASP Web applications, XML web services, and mobile services.  An extension of Visual Studio 6.0, also contains J# and C#  Visual Studio 6.0 projects are easily upgraded to Visual projects

11 Microsoft.Net Framework Classes  framework provides an API for all programming languages included in.NET packages.  All libraries are Object-Oriented  Extensible libraries like the java API  Increases developer productivity by reducing the number of APIs to learn  Enables cross language inheritance and debugging  Allows creation of secure applications

12 ASP.NET  Provides libraries and services that allow the creation, deployment, and execution of Web Applications and Web Services. (  Aids in creating Web Forms and GUIs using makes building web applications easier.  Commonly used with to interact with databases.

13 ADO.NET  Collection of classes that manage data to and from relational databases within framework  ADO.NET has classes that enable programmers to connect and query a wide range of databases including: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Ingres, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Yard- SQL, mSQL, and all ODBC compatible databases.  Support for data access over HTTP

14 C#  New programming language introduced by Microsoft contained in technology  Uses many of the best features of C++, Java, Visual Basic, and other OO languages.  Small learning curve from either C++ or Java  Some important features include:  All types in a C# program are now of type object  Millions of lines of C# code already available in.Net framework libraries  First Component oriented language in C/C++ family

15 Why use  Best reason is because of the Common Language Runtime (CLR)  Promotes deep cross-language interoperability, maintainability, and code portability  On-going support and improvements from Microsoft to framework. (As long as you don’t have the academic version!) .Net architecture provides common libraries for all languages, so there is no need to learn many API’s  Smart Device Capabilities for products such as Cell Phones, PDA’s, and other various Microsoft products

16 Why use (Cont)  Designed and defined by Web Standards to solve internet / web development problems and build better solutions.  More adaptable and customizable GUI creation through and Windows Forms.  Added security over web services and protocols.  A Standard for Database management through, making the Database management process easier.

17 How is Microsoft.Net applicable to Software Engineering? .Net Supports the System Development and Software Evolution Stages  Development -> Design  Debugging -> Validation  Maintenance -> Evolution  Brings programmers together who have different programming backgrounds, which makes project management more flexible.  More quality, dependability, performance, and security in Web-Based applications.  Software portability promoted through CLR

18 Conclusion  Microsoft.NET is a new and innovative product that has a wide variety of uses. These range from interfaces for Smart Devices, to database management, to Language interoperability and other uses. .Net is a groundbreaking platform in the realm of web applications and web services.  Even has a complicated infrastructure, it’s CLR framework libraries promise to bring Software Engineers and IT professionals together under a common Standard

19 resources – Microsoft’s info/support page for visual - describes the new language included, which is C# (called c sharp). - Microsoft’s official site describing framework – This site resource pages with example code and tutorials on using all aspects of framework. The site offers downloads, a special “student seciton” for users and a personalized website for each users - Large source I found source code on the net. All of the languages supported by Visual are included

20 Sources  ( and msdn library specifically)   Algonquin Studios 

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