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COLLABORATING WITH OTHERS. Web 2.0 and Social Networking.

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2 Web 2.0 and Social Networking

3 Wiki Wise A website that allows a group of people to create, add, and edit content No programming knowledge is necessary First wiki developed was in early 90s for use by computer programmers to exchange ideas Named WikiWikiWeb after the Wiki Wiki Shuttle in Hawaii Wiki = quick in Hawaiian

4 Uses of Wikis Whenever content is created and shared by others Grant Project ALA Conference Book club

5 Making changes to a wiki Look for Edit link Some wikis are limited to a specific community of users, which require a login After changes are made, save the page Some wikis have a preview feature Get comfortable making changes with

6 Creating a wiki - things to consider Whats the purpose of the wiki? Will it be a public wiki? Read? Edit? Multiple wikis under a single user?

7 Creating a wiki Find wiki software WetPaint PBWiki Create an account Add initial content

8 Keeping up RSS Really Simple Syndication RSS Feeds give the ability to subscribe to a site Sites that use RSS Feeds Blogs Wiki News

9 Subscribing to Sites – Step One Find an RSS Feed Reader or Aggregator Google Reader Bloglines Create an account

10 Subscribing to Sites – Step Two Open a separate web browser and find a site you want to subscribe to Copy or note the sites website address

11 Subscribing to Sites – Step Three Make sure youre logged into your RSS feed reader and look for Add a feed Paste or type the sites address Follow the RSS Readers instructions to subscribe

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