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Tailoring Recruitment and Delivery Strategies Chapter Two cont…

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1 Tailoring Recruitment and Delivery Strategies Chapter Two cont…

2 Adherence  Challenge is to keep clients after they join.  Adherence is sticking to it.  Adherence and retention are synonymous.  Attrition is loss of members.

3 Benchmarks of Adherence  Fitness clubs attrition rate is 34%-50%  11 to 20% would be acceptable  50% of young exercisers drop out in 1 st 12 weeks  Moderate is better than high intensity  Home is better than club rates

4 Benchmarks cont…  Middle aged adults attrition is 30%  Adherence increases over time  Diabetes patients 75-80% attrition  Some exercisers go on to exercise at home  Primary goal is to keep people active  75% of dropouts occur in 1 st 6 months  After 12 months only 8% more dropped out

5 Predictors of Adherence  Demographics of adherence  High ed  High income  Male  Young  Healthy  Disincentives  Obesity, smoking, health problems, aged

6 Predictors cont…  Longer exercising means more adherence  Increased fitness is not a predictor  Although quick results will tend to keep clients  Key is to turn exercise into a habit

7 Motivation  Outcome expectations lead to starting exercise  Self confidence also promotes adherence  Goal setting & positive feedback will keep clients  Leadership style may also promote adherence  Older adults may have social adjustments  Variety may be key at start

8 Motivation cont…  Phone calls and buddy systems my motivate  Gender or age groups may be motivational  Filling the void of retirement may be a goal  Socialization may play a role in picking a class  70% of the reasons people leave are controllable

9 Summary  Watch patterns in the field  Watch client profile for changes  Evaluate client base to know what they need  Barriers are preferences of clientele

10 Questions  Page 28  Question 2  Question 4  Question 5

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