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+ Interventions for Ethnically Diverse Populations.

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1 + Interventions for Ethnically Diverse Populations

2 + Status Hispanic and African Americans are less active than Caucasians and also have: Higher rates of heart disease Higher rates of obesity Higher rates of diabetes Higher rates of chronic diseases such as Asthma Higher rates of cancer Little is know about American Indians or Asian Americans.

3 + Factors to consider when developing interventions Cultural relevancy Lack of resources due to SES status

4 + Strategies for enhancing cultural relevancy Recruitment & retention Location of the intervention Delivery of the intervention

5 + Recruitment & Retention PFT or health professionals must earn credibility in the ethnic community. Successful interventions usually are supported community leaders and religious agents (e.g. church or spiritual leader). Community and religious leaders involved in leading the interventions results in higher adherence. Successful story telling or report from a member of the ethnic group about the PA intervention results in higher adherence. Ethnic mediated interventions & publications Incentives to exercise need to be culturally appropriate.

6 + Location of Intervention According to the text, Churches have been used to implement a number of PA programs in minority of communities. Church base interventions increases PA in ethnically diverse populations Walking Aerobics Sports

7 + Mode of Delivery Physical activity programs should have collaboration (partnerships) among variety of community based agencies Community personal need to included in all phases of the PA program (design, implementation, evaluation, & interpretation) Personnel involved Trusted Respected Trained to work with ethnic groups Culturally appropriate Language Appeal to the ethnic group Family oriented E.g., day care centers

8 + Successful Interventions WISEWOMAN Project walk impACT LaVida Caminando

9 + Barriers  Hispanic groups report “lack of time” where as African Americans report “lack of safe places to be active.” Assuming ethnic minority population comes from lower SES, money or fees are a barrier to memberships in physical activity programs and/or facilities Transportation to a PA facility Motivation Social support Knowledge about physical activity and exercise

10 + Assignment Write a article for a newsletter sent to a personal fitness trainer and fitness professionals. Entitle the article, “Successful Interventions for Specific Populations” The article will describe how one can improve the adherence to exercise or physical activity in women, older adults, overweight & obese, children, and ethnic diverse minority groups. The article will be 1-3 pages in length, type written, single spaced, with proper margins and grammatically correct (e.g., spelling, proper sentence & paragraph form). This is an article and listing can be used but not recommended. If you do list, the items must be described followed by a summary that provided an understanding of how the list related to improving adherence. This is a 15 point assignment evaluated on the basis of: 1) use of materials found in text and notes, 2) clarity and understanding, & 3) presentation style (organization, structure, and writing ability). Due Wednesday, October 13.

11 + Getting Started (Summary) The text stated several getting started suggestions: Earn credibility with community and religious leaders Build collaborations within the community Media and printed materials should be culturally relevant Use roles models to recruit for and deliver the intervention Offer culturally relevant incentives Offer programs in churches and community centers Include the family Provide day care for parents when ever possible

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