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Nile Information Technology – NIT Application Service Provider

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1 Nile Information Technology – NIT Application Service Provider
Mohamed Abdel Salam Chairman & Managing Director

2 NIT Ownership MCDR Egypt 59% MCDR Employees Fund Egypt 01%
National Bank of Egypt Egypt 10% Al-Fardan Institution Abu Dhabi 05% 3I InfoTech International Dubai/India 25%

3 Organizational Chart Chairman of the Board Consultant
Managing Director Chairman of the Board CTO Sales & Marketing Director Finance Administration HR Operations Training & ORG Development Legal Department Marketing Communications Segmentation &Selection/ Business HR Department Presales F&A Department Sales Guarding &Security Technical Support Security Compliance officer Operations ASP Analysis & Designer Developers Testing, Quality Assurance & Documentation Develop, Design &operate LAN WAN Network Application Financial SWS CA Department Implementation SSB Department SSB CA Financial SWS Help Desk Infrastructure Division

4 NIT Technical Structure
Financial Systems SWIFT Service Bureau Certificate Authority

5 NIT Financial Systems Clearing & Settlement Systems
Settlement System – CSD Clearing System – Clearing Banks Central Depository Systems Deposits System – Custodian Banks Central Depository System – CSD Pledge System - Banks Custody System – Custodian Banks Trading System - Brokers Auto Blocking System – Brokers Settlement Guarantee System - Brokers Back Office System – Brokers & Custodian Banks

6 Market Overview Exchange CSD Regulator Custodian Broker Clearing Bank
Investor Offer Custodian Securities Auto Blocking Executed Trades Bid Buying Order Selling Broker Exchange TRADE EXC. Clearing Bank Central Feeding Settlement Accounts Addition to Account Settlement Accounts Balances Debit Instructions Credit Instructions Debit/Credit Clearing Banks 1 2 3 4 Stocks Value 5 6 8 10 9 11 SGF Covering Default 7 Regulator Balance Confirmation Portfolio Transfers

7 Financial Systems Ex. Custody System Overview
Securities Blocking Brokerage Firms Issuing Buy & Sell Orders Portfolio Transfer to another custodian Auto matching executed trades with clients’ instructions/orders Recording Deposits Clients’ balances/positions query Yes or No Balance Clients Orders Clients Issuance of Clients Statement of securities accounts Sending matched transactions and transfers for settlement CSD Custodian Banks Receipt of matched transfers

8 Financial Systems Custody System Features
Connected to the Exchange, CSD and brokers. Easy management of shareholders’ accounts. Several security levels and segregation of tasks. An extra backup to the CSD database. Fully automated with Journal & printouts for all operations.

9 Financial Systems Custody System Basics
The system depends on three main axis; Using client unified code applied by the Exchange The Auto Link between the CSD systems and the custodian systems Applying the auto match concept (matching trades executed at the Exchange with investors’ instructions)

10 Broker-Dealers 56 Brokers
SWIFT Service Bureau Broker-Dealers 56 Brokers NIT Current Situation

11 SWIFT Service Bureau Cont.
NIT Corporate Insurance companies Banks Broker-Dealers Investment Managers Stock Exchanges Depositories Trustees Clearing systems Payment Systems Settlement Systems Government Institutions SWIFT Service Bureau SWIFT Service Bureau Cont. Future Vision

12 Certificate Authority - CA
Current Situation Brokerage Firms Issuers Paper Work Signature Required Custodians Clearing Banks Cash Dividend Banks Capital Market Authority Investors Query Primary Dealers Connected Without legal Evidence Paper work needs from signature and stamps Cash dividend needs many checks. MCSD employee only sign on the username responsibility. Stock-Exchange Broker / PD / and Custodians will be for Automation only . Inability to allow the investor to make online Stock Transactions. Stock Exchanges MCDR MCDR Employee 12

13 Certificate Authority - CA Cont.
Brokerage Firms Future Vision Issuers Digital Signing Custodians X Clearing Banks Cash Dividend Banks Capital Market Authority Investors Query Primary Dealers Connected With Legal Evidence All transaction is digitally signed and supported by Law. Stock Exchanges MCDR MCDR Employee 13

14 Thank You

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