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Debbie Hodge Debbie Spence.  FOAP- Fund Organization Account Program  Use of Accounts (Expense Acct, Revenue Acct, Asset Acct, etc) instead of Objects.

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1 Debbie Hodge Debbie Spence

2  FOAP- Fund Organization Account Program  Use of Accounts (Expense Acct, Revenue Acct, Asset Acct, etc) instead of Objects & Controls  Dept “Pots of Money” called Funds instead of Accounts

3 FOAP- Fund Organization Account Program Full Accounting Information now also includes: Organization Code: will allow for grouping of funds for reporting Program Code: used at state and federal level to track finances (Purpose Code in FRS) Indexes have been created that will automatically complete the Organization and Program, data entry of these fields will not be required.


5 New Banner Accounts ACCOUNTS Code used to identify types and uses of transactions (same as old objects/controls) Department will use accounts to specify how the money is spent or received Primary accounts used byDepts: -Expenditures – Begin with a 7 -Labor – Begin with a 6 -Revenue – Begin with a 5 General rule for new account # is old object/control code with new number in front (see table) and “0” at end Multiple exceptions. Must use crosswalk on website TRANSFERS IN & OUT8XXXXX EXPENDITURES7XXXXX LABOR6XXXXX REVENUES5XXXXX NET ASSETS4XXXXX CONTROL ACCOUNTS3XXXXX LIABILITIES2XXXXX ASSETS1XXXXX

6 Web Site to translate FRS Numbers to Banner Numbers

7  Banner Chart of Accounts  Chart of Accounts – Revenue  Chart of Accounts – Expenses  Index for Expenditures  Financial Services Contact List

8  Adequate Documentation – original or emailed invoices only. Faxed and copies are not allowed. There must be backup for each invoice such as a purchase order that has been received or if a check request backup must be provided supporting the amount requested on the check request.

9  In limited cases, items may be purchased by personal credit card. However, this must be preapproved by the Sr. Director of Business Affairs. Failure to have these purchases preapproved will result in denial of reimbursement.

10  Receipt of Goods and Services:  Receiving report documentation must be available to Accounts Payable.  Each department is responsible for receipting of goods.  Receiving is done by sending an email to the Banner receiving mailbox. For the time being Financial Services will be checking the mailbox and receiving in Banner.  “BANNER APP RECEIVING MAILBOX”

11  Banner requires that all expenditures are covered by budget. If there is not sufficient budget to cover the expenditure whether it be purchase order, invoice, check request or journal entry the document will suspend and will not be paid until budget is moved to cover the expense.

12  Tuesdays and Thursdays - Checks are printed in AP, (Check write days may change due to special circumstances such as month-end close, holidays, etc.)  Checks should be ready no later than the following day after 2:00PM.

13  Appearance and Reasonableness Tests  Is this expenditure necessary for a faculty/staff member to do his/her job or for the school to carry on its normal business?”  Is it a Viable University Purpose?  How will this purchase look to external constituents and oversight bodies?  How would it look in the Morning News?

14  Expenditures from ITF normally follow the same guidelines used for state funds.  In all ITF accounts, state funds expenditure guidelines must be followed when using the funds for staffing an office or carrying on activities, which are similar to state funded activities.

15  – Each expenditure of these funds must be for a valid university purpose. These expenditures (whether for meals, travel, lodging, entertainment, official functions, gifts, awards, or memberships etc.) must be accompanied by appropriate documentation including receipts, stated purpose of the expenditure, date, location, names of persons involved, and the approval to pay signature of the person responsible for the account. 

16  Banner Check Request  Request for Taxpayer Information  Accounts Payable Memorandum for invoices needing additional information

17  The administration and control of travel is designed to comply with the provisions of G.S. 138-5, 138-6, and 138-7 ( 2007BudgetManual.pdf ) 2007BudgetManual.pdf

18  An employee traveling on official business is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal business and using personal funds.

19  A Travel Authorization form must be completed for all travel (except one day travel). All requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date of travel or 2 weeks prior to any prepayment deadlines. Out-of-country travel requests should be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of travel.

20  If the travel is local or one day in duration and no airfare and/or subsistence applies, the traveler does not have to complete the Travel Authorization form. The traveler will only have to complete a Travel Reimbursement form for the mileage.

21  Registration fees for local and one-day travel may be processed using a Check Request form (with documentation attached) and sent to the Disbursement office for processing at least 2 weeks prior to the prepayment deadline.

22  Student travel expenses while working as an employee of the state is considered official state business when traveling on behalf of their position and shall be paid from the same source of funds from which the employee is paid. Non-employee students at state institutions who travel on official state business are reimbursed from the General Fund at the same extent as are state employees.

23  Approval for non-employee General Fund student travel must be signed by the student's department head.  To substantiate and account for services related to non-employee General Fund student travel, the student and department head should enter into a signed agreement to document the required official state business and the travel reimbursement commitment.

24  This agreement shall be signed by the department head and shall be a part of the department’s prior approval documentation required for overnight travel.

25  Employee Travel Authorization  Student Travel Authorization

26  School employees and some students may have their travel expenses reimbursed by the School, subject to the limitations contained in these regulations. Under no circumstance may duplicate reimbursement be made for that portion of an employee’s expenses paid or reimbursed by a non-state source.

27  All forms for travel are on the Financial Services website at vPolicy.pdf vPolicy.pdf

28  Funds may be advanced to permanent employees for expenses to be incurred in approved travel on School business. Non- permanent employees and students may not receive travel advances.

29   The request for funds must be submitted to the Accounts Payable office on a Travel authorization form at least two weeks prior to the date of need.  Advances can be issued for up to 75% of the estimated cost of the trip, less any prepaid expenses, and may not be issued more that five working days prior to the date of departure.

30  Advances for the full amount of airfare booked in advance and deposits on hotel rooms will be processed and considered as a prepaid expenses on the Travel Authorization form.

31  Airfare, bus or train tickets  Rental cars  Parking claims, tolls and storage fees  Airport shuttles  Taxi fares  Lodging  Excess meal allowances (when pre-approved for out-of-country travel)  Phone calls in excess of $5.00

32  The traveler should clear the advance by submitting a completed Travel Reimbursement form with appropriate receipts to the Accounts Payable office within 30 days following the travel period.

33  Travel Reimbursement Form  Used by both Employee and Student  Must be turned in for reimbursement within 30 days of trip.

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